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30 September 2022


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I am sorry. You will miss seeing those trees and their shade.

Here in CA, a new house is being constructed in what was woods that we see from our house. 28 big Bay and Oak trees have been cut down. Very painful to see and listen to.

Heartbreaking 😞

So sad to think of the lost shade, lost beauty. I'm sorry.

I am always so sad when trees have to be cut down. Here it's usually for building of new homes. So very very sad especially the ones who took so long to mature

We are experiencing tree disease here in the U.S. as well. The western part of the country has lost hundreds of thousands of trees to Pine Beetles and now the ash trees are being attacked by Green Ash Borers. Several years ago we were plagued by Dutch Elm Disease. It is very sad to lose these beautiful trees that take so many years to grow. The Plane trees along the roadways of France are so grand. I'm very sorry to hear that they are succumbing to disease. It will certainly change the landscape and the environment.

A shame. It's like losing old friends. You will never walk past that spot again without thinking of them. I'm sure a lowered water table due to climate has an impact as well. This explains why the plane trees that line some of the streets here look like they've given up as early as June or July.

There is an ecologist who reports that trees communicate below and ground, give warnings and share food. That forests are collaborative social beings. The audio from NPR is here: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/05/04/993430007/trees-talk-to-each-other-mother-tree-ecologist-hears-lessons-for-people-too

Such sad but interesting articles. I remember well the plane trees along the busy streets of London. So many elm trees lost to Dutch elm disease in more recent years which totally altered the view looking across the Common from my parents old home. Here on Vancouver Island this summer, the big leaf maples are suffering from a mildew which has turned the leaves brown long before fall. Strange, as this summer we have had almost no rain on the east coast of the Island since July. Hi

The loss of our plane trees in Aix en Provence still makes me sad each time I walk down those formerly shady streets :(

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