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02 October 2022


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Now I see it -- although I still didn't earlier this afternoon. Thanks for getting it fixed.

I have not had any issues receiving it all the way over here in NZ...Cheers Jennie

I have been receiving it daily in Southern California. That makes my day.
Looking forward some more of your delicious recipes.

Bonjour à tous,

Thanks Corey I appreciate your daily musings and am one of the fortunate ones receiving your bog.
Keep up the good work; we enjoy your joie de vivre!

I see it now I was having difficulty yesterday with trying to get your blog to load
It kept bringing up an error

Still enjoying your blog in sunny(for the moment) Perth, Australia.

Hurray, I can read you again.

I am seeing it just fine!

It's working now. I think it may have been something to do with the feed from Europe. I also couldn't access a blog from Norway. Glad you're back (and so is Norway). Always love seeing your posts - the simple pleasures with an equal splash of family. Happy October!

I haven’t had a problem. Hope you can figure out what the problem is. I’m sure it’s frustrating.

Seeing everything all along in Illinois

Corey - I can see and read this blog - if this is your blog. Actually this is the only way that I read your comments etc.

Love this

PS - This comes into my email inbox

I look forward to, and see this blog each day in California. Hope things get straightened out.

Seen in sunny Burgundy :D

Please resubscribe me to your blog! thank you!

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