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29 November 2022


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I hope you are feeling better and enjoy your vist
Much love


It is the being with a dear friend that means far more than going on adventures and or rushing around.. Erika’s visiting is probably the best medicine to help you get better. What a lovely kind friend Erika is❤️


Listen to your body and behave accordingly. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 2002, and it requires constant attention to my energy budget in order to manage it and live a decent life. When it was at its worst, a long time ago, I always had a scratchy throat and stuffy nose along with the incessant fatigue that sleep did not resolve. I was well-managed for so long, then after Covid lockdown, re-entry into a somewhat normal society, triggered a flare-up of the CFS, and I started all over again with getting it managed. Like the game Chutes and Ladders: you climb and climb and climb, and one false move and you slide to the bottom. I always hated that game.


Dear Corey, be well. Santé. We had Covid in September. I don't recommend it.

Jennifer Phillipps

Well, it is good to know you have well and truly ruled out the dreaded Covid virus....it is just a bummer that you are still not sure what is ailing you...sounds like Erika is the best kind of medicine for you, time with a very good friend and extended member of your family is as good as any medicine...hoping you work out what the problem is...best wishes from NZ, Jennie

Susan in Zurich

The company of a dear friend is a true comfort. I'm so glad to know that she's with you.

You remain in my prayers.


Dear Corey,

So sorry to hear that your health has not returned to what it was. Being with your dear friend must bring you both great comfort.

Several years ago after a bout with Pneumonia, a chronic cough and fatigue remained. After a few months without making progress I saw another pulmonologist. He thought I should give Symbicort a try.
Within days I felt like I was finally improving with a bit more energy. Bythe next month I was able to return part-time to work. Improvement in my energy and lessening cough continued. Years later another pulmonologist said I have adult onset Asthma. Because of your mentioning your cough and asthma, I thought I would share this. I hope that you find an answer and your health improves greatly. Sending you healing thoughts, wishes for the best care, and many hugs.


So concerned about you Corey. You give and give and give. Now it’s time for you. Please rest and get plenty of sunshine. My husband relies on symbicort for his asthma as well. Life saver. Take care of you xoxo

Bev S.

I am so glad that you have a dear friend who is there to help support and comfort you. What a gift from God.


Hoping rest+ time with one of those friends where words aren’t needed to communicate (franco bolla for me), give your soul + body the lift it needs.

Much Love+Hugs


Your lovely friend, Erika, is a true blessing and a treasure. Take good care of yourself, Corey, and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Again, be gentle with yourself. Please know I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and lovingly send you healing energy across the waters. 💕

Irene Thomas

Dear Corey, You have my sincerest wishes for renewed vigor and health. Each time I see your postings I think of the effort you make for all of us. I am going to visualize you and Chelsea dancing through the forest...


Sorry to hear you are not in your usual robust health, hope you feel better sooner rather than later, hard to take it easy when you are used to go, go, go. Take care of you.

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