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28 November 2022


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How awful for you to be unwell for so long and I do hope they can get to the bottom of it. You keep up a good front but I hope you are not too demanding of yourself. You are such a positive person and it is inspiring reading what you write. Thank you for all you do and I join those praying for a positive resolution for you, PDQ!

Sending you love, healing thoughts and energy, Corey. Bless your heart. Be gentle with yourself and take good care of the ever-lovely and wonderful you. 💕

Take good care of your pawls, dear Corey.

So many I know who are experiencing lingering Bronchitis, low grade fever and some with digestive issues - sorry - being ill for weeks and weeks takes all the stuffing out you so that even a treat does not lift the spirit - good thoughts heading your way... As to the treat of finding the Swans - I'd grab them and use them as a low bench either inside the front door or in the bedroom or bathroom with a cushion to sit for a minute when taking off shoes - I've noticed with age she removal is not as easy as it was and a soft seated small bit of beauty to soften the blow of no longer being as able would be lovely.

I echo all the comments, above: take care, be gentle with yourself!
Your friends all over the world want to know how you are, so please update us occasionally.
I admire your positive outlook, but it's ok to share how you are feeling, if it feels appropriate.
In the meantime, I will keep you in my prayers.
And *yes* to a bench for putting on/removing shoes or boots 👍 Great idea!

Gosh, you do hide these things well, as you have seemed bright and perky as normal....I assume it is due to Covid? It seems to find a small chink in your armour and grab it and you will just have to keep plugging on with all the health giving family happiness and good food and walks and look forward to conquering it in the spring....then summer will be a glorious delight to celebrate in. Take care and fight on...x Jennie, NZ

Sending love and prayers, Corey, that you return to perfect health! Thank you for sharing your heart!

Lighting my candle this morning and sending strength and healing air currents across the country and the ocean to you in France.

Praying they can figure out what's going on soon. 💜

I cannot say it better than has been said from your friends around the world...Keep he Faith, follow Drs orders along with the ones I am sure your mother has given you....and you know...MOTHERS KNOW BEST....sending love and good wishes to you and Yann....

Praying for you.

Sending you healing thoughts and every best wish for a speedy and complete recovery -- and lots of love xxx

These are gorgeous. At first, I thought they might be andirons for a very large fireplace. I also have not been feeling well since May. Strange. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist tomorrow to go over blood tests. I hope we both find out what's going on soon...finding something like these lovely iron bench supports would help!

Corey, I hope you will continue to dream of swans while you rest and recuperate from you coughs and sniffles and fevers. Sounds the best kind of medicine to me!

Corey - sorry to hear about your health issues. Like so many others, I wish you healing in body and mind.

Take care, dear Corey!
Be well.
Now some look at me crazy, but I have found olive leaf nasal spray for the post nasal drip helps, especially at night. And olive leaf capsule when I can't kick asthma deep coughing.

You are such a trooper. I had no idea you were dealing with such issues. As your tribe has already voiced, "be patient, gentle, & loving " with yourself. The world needs you. Blessings. Myra

I'm so sorry you have been feeling rotten. I hope you feel better and stronger very soon. Try to get some down time whenever you can!

Love your pictures and positivity. Been reading tongue in cheek for years.

Feel better soon.


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