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26 November 2022


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Oh I am always so sad when beautiful trees are taken down
Thanks for sharing this and everything you post.
Love Jeanne


My thirteen year old daughter, our two whippets, and I just returned from a woodland walk here in our small town of Clifton, VA which is 30 minutes outside DC. Your pictures and text resonated perfectly with what we just experienced. I admit to shedding a few tears when I reached the end of your post. I’m sorry that the trees near you were felled. It must feel as though you’ve lost old friends.

Shelley Noble



Lovely post - why were the trees cut down? Lower water table?


By the way Corey, are you watching the BBC series "Fake or Fortune" about the art world? Treasures, masterpiece paintings discovered in brocantes and unexpected places. Here's an espisode:


I binged the whole series in a few days - it's so good.

Susan in Zurich

I'm sad to know that these beautiful trees are gone, I can't imagine what it must feel like for you and your village. I'm sorry.
I believe this is why we make photos, make art - and celebrate the moment. To relive the joy.


I can see why you you haven’t been to see the place they once stood. I too am a tree hugger and while I know it is sometimes necessary to fell a tree, it always makes me sad.

Jennifer Phillipps

What a shame about the trees, seems strange that they had to be cut down....those sort of beautiful trees seem to live on forever...hopefully little saplings will come up to replace them....cheers from Jennie, NZ


Beautiful post, Corey. Thanks for sharing this special experience. I, too, am a lover of the magnificence of trees and how they speak to our hearts and souls if only you stop and listen.

Teddee Grace

How sad. I'm assuming they were diseased. They are cutting ash trees here, and I'm so afraid they will cut these right outside my balcony. I am just on the third floor of my apartment building, but I have always felt as if I were in a treehouse.


Oh so sad for you that the trees are gone.
I hope they plant new ones.
Trees are so important for so many reasons.
If you haven't read Forest Bathing, it really opened my eyes to the importance.

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