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25 December 2022


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Your Christmas Eve sounds just about perfect.
That little guy is so precious, as I know you are savoring his joyfulness.
I love that he set the table just for you.


I so enjoyed seeing your photos. Our traditions were a fresh tree with all blue lights, silver glass balls and tin tinsel, all saved year to year since the 1940s. Christmas morning was a mad dash to get to all the presents, usually starting around 7 am, with our parents begging for more sleep time. Dinner on Xmas day was stuffed turkey, salad with cooked bacon, blue cheese and romaine. But jellied cranberry with the imprints from the can. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Kathie B

I hope you're getting as much rest as possible -- because being in the hospital sure is exhausting, isn't it? (Guess how I know this). Now that you're outta there, let everyone wait on you hand-and-foot whenever you wish!

For those who may have missed it, here's a charming short-short story about a Christmas presépio (crèche) by Azorean author Daniel de Sá, translated into English by my Portuguese professor and me:

Boas festas e feliz ano novo!


Same tradition in my family.Though I remember Aunty and Grqndma insisted on doing the table setting, cooking, serving and clean up with no help.
Probably the best gift this Christmas is that you are home and feeling better❤️


Fabulous Christmas day and the best gift you were home to enjoy it
Merry Christmas dear one to you and yours
Love Jeanne


Dearest Corey,
Sending you Christmas Greetings!
And the very best for the coming New Year! May it be filled with much joy and happiness, Good Health and good fortune.
It’s wonderful that you are with your loved ones and not in hospital. In Pre covid times- we had to bring Christmas to my mama who was in a palliative care hospital. We decorated her room and brought gifts. It was a lot of work to bring a full traditional Christmas lunch, with the stemware and tableware. The hospital staff were most kind.
I have been reading your blog for years but rarely comment.
Many hugs

Bev S.

So glad that you made it home for Christmas. After our Christmas Eve service we drive to our dear friends' home about an hour away, spend the night with breakfast in the morning followed by presents being exchanged. It is a lovely day!

Judi Delgado

Merry Christmas, Corey. I am just so glad you were able to be home and well so you can enjoy every moment!

Marilyn Marcus

Merry Christmas Week and Happy, Healthy New Year. I'm so happy you made it home in time to celebrate Christmas. Gabriel set a beautiful table.
My family also has always gathered together for Christmas Eve, to eat, open presents and celebrate. Then the children find more gifts from Santa under the tree the next morning.
Now get plenty of rest.

Teddee Grace

I just got this, but it looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas...I was alone, not unusual for me, but my "baby" brother has been moved into long-term care in a VA hospital in Seattle because of his Parkinson's and this was the first Christmas I have not been able to call a member of my family on Christmas morning to see who could say, "Merry Christmas," first. He and I are the last members of our core family living and he is no longer able to pick up a phone or communicate. So, I opened a gift box sent by a cousin in Missouri, and a gift from my walking buddy down the hall and made soup. It was not a bad day...and I didn't even have a boules player wave at me! Chin up!

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