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20 December 2022


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Dear Corey, how distressing for you not able to see the Pulmologist & scary when you are so ill. It seems it's a worldwide problem getting appointments with drs especially specialists. At least here if you have Private Health cover you can at least get into a hospital without an 8hr wait. It still costs $325.....Australia dollars....going to emergency & even then I had to wait over 2hrs in September & that was for a suspected TIA! at a private hospital that you cannot claim!
Thinking of you & sending love & prayers ❤️🙏❤️

I keep you forever in my heart and thoughts and prayers
Keep well my friend
Sending love and hugs and smiles across the miles
Love Jeanne

Oh Corey,
Sending lots of prayers your way!!!

Sending extra prayers and love.

32 years ago on the 19th I was giving birth to my daughter Hannah.
5 years ago on the 17 of December I visited my primary Dr and left there in an ambulance. At the hospital they diagnosed a "weird flu" ( before Covid) and a bronchial infection. I was also put on O/2 and used it 24/7 for 2 years- no diagnosis. I only use oxygen now when I leave the house and do any amount of walking and still no diagnosis. I'm beginning to think I have something similar to long covid without that particular strain of flu

I am just thankful I am so much better than before, and I'm confidant you will be also.
Its the not knowing that is hard on us and our families and we both have great families!
Hope you are home soon enjoying the holidays.

Corey, I hope they can figure things out for you so you can get better. Rest and relax if you can, and know that we are praying for you. You inspire us! And you are blogging from hospital??!!

Praying for your recovery, Corey, and that you will find medical answers for what you are dealing with. May you feel better very soon, and be home in time for Christmas.

As a lifelong asthmatic, I can empathize with what you’re going through. It must be so frustrating to keep getting these attacks and , as of yet, no real answers. I pray that you will get both relief and answers soon, Corey. Sending healing energy your way!Bises🥰

Dear Corey, thinking about you and wishing for your wellness for Christmas.

I had the date marked & had hoped to hear good news from the pulmonologist. I am so so sorry to hear this. You must get better...we all count on you! Really....Really.....we count on You. Love & health

Scary when breathing is difficult - I'm also a lifelong asthmatic that as I've aged has become an issue again - Over the years I've had great success with my herbs since I'm allergic to most mycins as well as other prescriptions meant to keep lungs functioning - Cory, hope you and your doctor have quick success finding what works best for you - My thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey finding your 'go-to' relief - Many Christmas' spent in bed as a kid which made the other years special - Best of all knowing you cannot pass this illness and so you won't be alone... hugs...

Thinking of you Corey, and wishing for better days ahead. Hoping for a speedy recovery and answers soon. Take good care my friend. Love and hugs. x0x0x0

My prayer is that a path will be found to diagnose your unique symptoms, Corey, and that you continue to naturally feel the caress of the air within. I am so grateful that you are alive today.

Irene Thomas

Dear Corey,

Just a note to say I will mention you at Holy Trinity this week-end; we hope you recover quickly and can continue your lovely life bring so much joy to others.

Prenez soin de vous,


Golly, not the best hiccup at this time of year with Christmas on the doorstep.....you are of course in the best place to be cared for and hopefully before long you will be seeing the specialist and get to the bottom of your issues, meantime, hugs from across the seas in NZ - sending you our summer sunshine to float in your hospital window...Meri Kirihimete from NZ, Jennie

Corey, You are in my heart and on my mind. I'm saying prayers for a quick recovery and a diagnosis that will bring about effective treatment.
I'm so sorry this hospital visit delayed your meeting with the pulmonologist. Happy Birthday to Chelsea and Renewed good health to you.

Oh, Corey….sending you healing thoughts and a wish for a diagnosis soon. Take care❤️

You are in my thoughts & prayers for answers & recovery. Love to you & your sweet family & comfort through this strange illness. 🎄⛄️

Dear Corey so sorry to hear of your continued health troubles. I know it’s hard for you to slow down and take care of you. Asthma and allergies are so complex. I’ll pray for a cancellation and an available appointment with the specialist. ♥️🙏🏻♥️

Sending you so much love and care, dearest Corey. From my heart to yours , I send calming, gentle healing energy across the waters right to you in your room. I will continue to hold you in my prayers and thoughts. With lots of love and hugs.

Dear girl, I’m so sorry that you continue to be struggling with your health issues. Please know there are friends across the globe holding you in prayer, myself included.

Dear Corey,
Sending you prayers - love - healing thoughts - and hopes for a diagnosis soon!
With lots of hugs,

Do what you need to do, Dear Friend, to be restored to good health. Sending lots of prayers, and hugs, and love.

Thinking of you Corey and sending love from your California reader...may you recover soon and be home with your family at Christmas...
I look forward to reading your letters for many, many years to come...
Peace be with you always,
Red Bluff CA, USA

sending positive thoughts across the ocean for a christmas recovery and answers to your troubles.

Somehow I missed this post, yesterday.
Adding my prayers to all the others... you are beloved, dear Corey.

Sending you love, dear Corey. All will be well. xoxoxo

Prayers for you, dear Corey. Love also.

Dear Corey, It seems this road has taken some twists and turns. My prayer is the doctors can make some sense of everything and help you recover quickly.

I just received this and do hope you are improving and that you can reschedule with the pulmonologist soon. I know you love the antiques, but these, especially the papers and textiles, may be contributing to your asthma. Do take care.

Oh I'm so sorry you had to go to the hospital again but I'm glad you are receiving care. And that's so frustrating that you have missed your appointment with the pulmonologist. I hope he will give you priority once you are released from the hospital!!
Praying you will be much better soon.

So sorry for your health problems. Some answers and Christmas cheer, baby hugs will go a long way.

Dearest Corey,

You will be Okay.

Your grandchild, Gabriel, is an angel.

Sleep peacefully on this most holy night of Christmas.

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