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01 December 2022


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Goodness!!! You two, and what a story. Prayers for you both. Feel better soon. xx

Deb Hillman

My dear Corey, what a horrifying experience! I'm so glad you are both ok. ❤️


Prayers for you both. What a dilemma. I am prone to panic attacks and yes you swear you are going to have a heart attack. Ihope you get feeling well my friend.
God bless us all and keep us well
sending much love and healing wishes
Love Jeanne

Sue Young

Sending healing thoughts and positive vibes your way, Corey. I hope the Dr. In Marseille gets to the bottom of things and will put you on the path to recovery. And poor Yann, so worried about you that he passed out! Wishing you both better days ahead!
Bises, Sue

Karen Newman

Corey, I too care for my toddler granddaughter and her older brother when not at school. I am fit and healthy and 69. This fall, I have been SO sick with every imaginable flu, virus, ear infection and adult RSV that has ever been known to humanity. I’m so sorry for you and hope you I’ll soon be better. We are susceptible of course, but would we change anything? Not me. To have this baby in my arms is pure heaven. Hope you are feeling better and can get back to what you love.


So relieved that it was “only” a panic attack and not anything worse. Hope the doctors in Marseille can figure out what can be done so you will feel better. Trust you two to end up in the hospital room together as patients, and you describe it so well!!!

Irene Thomas

I can hear the emergency room staff...

"Soulmates in Room 4, STAT."

Susan in Zurich

Irene's comment, above ... Perfect summary!

Thankful for your upcoming appointment.

Praying for peace, strength and health

Sending a virtual hug around the shoulders from Switzerland. ❤️


What a scary, sweet story and you tell it so well! I hope you get some solutions at your next appointment! Take care, Corey; you are so special to so many. xo

Candi D

Oh! Prayers for you both. Real life, you just can’t make it up.


Gosh, that sounds frightening. So glad the both of you got care. Hopeful that this next appointment will bring better health your way.

Cynthia Thompson

My Dear Cory, sending prayers of love and healing to you and Yann. God's blessings and angels all around you.

Jennifer Phillipps

It does sound a bit like a Laurel & Hardie or Marx Brothers movie...the Corey & Yann Yarn!
Glad you are making progress in working out what is vexing your body...and Yann better learn how to do meditation or deep breathing so he does not have a fainting flip flop again...he might hurt himself if he does a faint...
Take care one and all...Jennie, NZ

Sue J.

I’m so sorry this happened! Sending light and love to you both.

Bette Lee Colllins

Dear Corey,
Joining all of your well wishers for your Good heath to return soon...and that includes Yann...
Bette Lee Collins
Red Bluff,CA

Fat Rabbit

Corey - Date night in the hospital!
Good to hear that Yann is feeling better and that you have an appointment with a specialist. Sending you both healing thoughts


Oh, Corey! Sending love to both of you and am so sorry that happened to you.
Sending healing thoughts and energy. Take care, you two.💕

Suki Tutthill

I know how it feels when your rock, your man, is not his normal studley self. Glad you were both OK. Sending love and prayers your way.

Chico Sue

Continued prayers for the two of you for a speedy recovery and restored good health. Frightening medical episodes make us appreciate the value of life, no?


Hi Corey, I can see the humor in this. Although sorry for both of you not feeling well. First of all if this happens again to Yann I’d pursue the panic attack theory. I was told that for years until my arrhythmia was finally captured at a hospital when it happened when I was in the ER with one of my son’s. Sometimes arrhythmias can be paroxysmal and gone before you can capture it on an EKG. I hope a pulmonologist can figure what is going on with you as I know it’s been quite a while you haven’t been feeling well. Fingers crossed. It took me a long time to figure out my asthma and lung stuff was was AERD (aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease) caused by a sensitivity/allergy to aspirin and NSAIDs and also all alcohol. When I eliminated all of that things improved. Feel better!


Sending light,love and hugs to you and Yann.Stay strong and get better soon. Luv Lorna


Glad Yann is okay other than the panic and that you find out what is going on with your health. My young adult son was alone in Quebec City, caught covid and when he found it hard to breath he panicked and called an ambulance to go to the hospital. They said it was all a panic attack. His first. He's usually very calm. It can happen to anybody.

Marilyn Marcus

Not a great way to spend your Friday night, but I guess that comes with growing older. So glad you both checked out ok!!


Sending prayers - love - a speedy recovery for Yann and hopes that your appointment with a specialist goes well. No more date nights in the ER please!


You're in my prayers.


Oh My! I am just reading this.
Glad you both will be OK, but still going to send prayers.


I'm just catching up on my blog reading, so I had no idea! I am so sorry, and so glad that you could see the humor in the situation.

Sending you all my best with hopes that they get to the bottom of what ever is ailing you, and hoping that Yann never has a panic attack again!! xoxoxox


That is quite a story! Funny in some ways, but hope you are feeling well.

v. marie

Feel better. Sending good wishes. ❤

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