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23 December 2022


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Beautiful words and sentiments.
I too hope you can go home today
Much love and prayers and many blessings dear one.
No one enjoys being in the hospital especially at Christmas time
God bless you always
Love Jeanne

Sweet sweet boy. Hoping you can go home for the holiday and sending you love.

Gabriel —-sweet and deep tenderness and love. Hoping and praying you can return home to be with your beautiful family!

Sincere and sweet. Hope you can go home today!

Please be well my friend. I too pray for your early homecoming from hospital to be with family. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Prayers that you go home soon.
Gabriel is so incredibly sweet and wise!

Oh how precious his heart is!

Such a precious child! I pray you will be in the loving arms of your family for Christmas.

Whether you go home for Christmas or spend a few more days in the hospital just be thankful that you are alive.. the day you go home you can celebrate Christmas...Peace and Love,
Bette Lee Collins
Red Bluff, Ca

Out of the mouths of babes! What a profound statement of the nature of love! Sending love from my heart to you, and healing light as well.
With gratitude for all of our lovely words.

Pure love. Get well.

Oh! I hope so too Corey!

That sweet kind and insightful boy. Just like his CoCo. I hope you get to go home and get lots of bisous and hugs when you arrive. A loving famiy and home always help with healing (emotionally and physically)
Your home must have felt so empty to Yann, Chelsea, Martin and the kids without you there.

Thinking of you and wishing for continuing recovery. Thank you for sharing these stories.


What a lovely boy he seems to be! What an amazing thing for him to say! You are indeed blessed. I’m hoping that you got to come home today!
Bises, Sue

What a sweet child.
I hope you can go home soon too.
Sending love.

Dear Corey, get well soon! Today we had a beautiful visit with God Daughter Kate and her Mom, Kate reminds me of you and Chelsea so much!! Her God Father Gary has some heart issues going on induced by a covid infection last month. I will pray for you and you can pray for Gary. Love Toni

You're in my daily prayers. I also have severe asthma, since 2009. Before that I was fine. Got exposed to some toxic mold and Bam! My life changed dramatically. But they do make good drugs that help a lot and I hope you'll get the best care, the best and kindest doctors, and that things will improve greatly for you soon. Praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for you.

Oh Corey, I have no words..
Ali xx

Dona nobis pacem.

Precious little fellow, speaking from his tender heart.
Corey, I am reading this on Saturday morning, hoping you are home now

You're beloved.

How wonderful to have so many praying for your good health and that you’ll be home for Christmas. My prayers are included too.
Merry Christmas!

Your Gabriel is indeed a treasure, you will be looking forward to hugging them all when you get home....have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you are getting closer to working out what is causing your issues....hugs from across the seas in NZ, Jennie

Such love that fills his little body comes from the great lovethat fills yours. Hope you are home soonest.

God bless and keep you safe in his hands. Your place in heaven AND on earth is full of the joy you bring to your family. Fear not the sting of death or the disappointment in life. You are treasured and saved to Christ. As long as you are remembered you are alive in Christ. None of us will forget your living faith or Christian example. Your work is not done yet.

Awe Vavie the behavior starts at the top. You and Yann have taught that love and tenderness from your actions. Stay as long as it takes to see the famous pulmonologist. In the meantime rest. Prayers for healing.♥️🙏🏻🎄♥️

Love and healing to you lovely lady. (

Sweet Gabriel, speaking with honesty and love from his heart. Bless him.
Sending you so much love and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers friend. Be gentle with yourself and take care, dear heart. 💕

I believe we can pray you right out of that hospital and home to that family filled with love. Praying now! 🙏🏻

Hoping you’re home soon! Gabriel is waiting to share all his love with you. Get well soon❤️


I hope to learn that you did get to go home. Very important with all that love waiting for you!

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