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31 December 2022


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Precious moments shared. How lucky and blessed you are to have so many wonderful memories to reflect upon. Yes take care of yourself dear one. I love you and may God bless us well in the coming year and always.
Always I have candles glowing and prayers growing

Such lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing your life and family with us. May God's peace, comfort and strength continue to be with you in 2023.

Such a lovely collection - a year in photographs of your most beloved people. I've been given the generous gift through you, Corey, of witnessing the wonders of your family since Sacha was about 9 years old. It's hard to imagine the length of time which has flown by. I'm always amazed by how very lovely everyone in your family is, and how well they seem to get along. My heart goes out to you in your health challenge and as I suffer similarly with severe asthma, I know something of what you're going through. I hope you've also been tested for allergies as these often bring on the asthmatic attacks. I have a major inhaler which I use (2 puffs in the morning, and two puffs in the evening) and I also have a rescue inhaler which is albuterol and goes by various brand names. Also, I have a nebulizer, and an oxygen concentrator (and there are portable ones which you can carry with you like a shoulder bag. Probably you have all this, but I wanted to share because I am concerned about you. You're in my prayers. Happy New Year and may God always Bless you and yours!

Family is everything! Take care of yourself so you can be a full part of family. Happy 2023 to you and your tribe.

A lovely picture review of 2022. What a beautiful family.
Yes!!! May you all be well in 2023. Rest and Heal, dear Corey!

loved seeing these, happy new year one and all!

"What I am learning is that being strong means taking care of oneself and heed to rest."

Hear! Hear!

Each of these pictures is a delight. Thank you for sharing. Happy 2023 to you Corey, your family and your readers. May peace reign this year.

Thank you, as always, for taking us along with you on this journey. Wishing you rest, health and joy in the coming year. (and yes!! REST is the key to recovering health!! We need to learn to take time to do that...a tough lesson for me too)

So grateful for you.

What a glorious collection of images, stories and family occasions to remember and those two little people growing so much before our eyes...as we observe your family on the sidelines....every wish that you do feel well and strong before long....take care and I look forward to more in 2023...Jennie, NZ

Wonderful family photos, good health and happiness to you and yours for 2023!

Rest, be well, and keep enjoying life to the full! Thanks for taking us along with you!

These photos are a treasure!

Beautiful memories and a bit of wisdom…sending so much love and healing energy to you. Be gentle with yourself, my friend. Keeping you in my prayers. Take care.💕

Thank you for sharing your year in review. So great. Your grands are the cutest. Take care of Corey, rest, relax and feed the soul. Happy 2023.

Family--It is what makes our life complete. You have such wonderful memories of 2022 recorded in your photos. It is a treasure.
I hope 2023 brings you good health and many more family gatherings. Happy New Year.

Wishes for a healthy new year with lots of kindness and peace mingled in between.

Thank you, Corey, for a pictorial look back at your past year! May you recover your health completely and continue sharing another year of the fruits of your life as much as we enjoy tagging along.

Such sweetness!
Yes, rest! heal!
And above all else, I know you are savoring the moments with these dear ones.
Aren't they precious?
Sending love for the new year.

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