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05 December 2022


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This is truly Thanksgiving, yes. For each blessed moment, yes.

That stopped me in my tracks! Thank you for making me think. I am grateful for you today!

Yes, sometimes I get so frustrated when I want something to happen NOW. Thanks for the reminder.

Thank you for these beautiful words.

Beautifully said.

Yes, time is a gift to be savored.
Thanks, Corey, for these thoughtful words.

Chère Corey,

Vous êtes un cadeau! Thank you for reminding us of what is important; especially during this "busy season".

Your practice of "take the time to see what I am doing, or using, or touching and try to be aware of the gift of these things" is one I will incorporate in my daily life.

Thank for such a spiritual insight.


Thank you for taking YOUR time for sharing this beautiful sentiment.

This is good Corey.

Thank you for this insight

Being mindful helps me appreciate life. Here is a thought I had some years ago.
"have you ever looked up from reading something and noticed for a moment or so the digital blocks of numbers on a clock tick off the seconds? Nevermore, I whispered. Seconds of my life gone with such quickness and startling finality. It took my breath away!"

Wise words Corey. Working with vines is humbling and you soon learn that you can't control nature. The vines grow to their own rhythm, the grapes ripen as their own pace, and the wine ferments at the speed it desires.Once in the bottle, who knows what's going on !! Time is relative when you're corked into glass !

Yes! Sometimes I get frustrated with the time it takes to do little things and to get to the fun things. Thank you for putting it into words. I remind myself to pause and savor those moments when I want it to slow down or go fast.

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