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21 January 2023


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Beautiful roses!

Keep on paying attention!
And scribbling 😍

Thank you for your blog postings.
I enjoy reading them every day.
Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit
May it bless us all well
Love Jeanne

Dear Corey, I know you are a gatherer of artifacts of a certain age and have a beautiful way with words.
The following I feel will resonate with you.

Gathering by Nina Bagley
We are gatherers,
the ones who pick up sticks and stones and old wasp's nests fallen by the door of the barn,
walnuts with holes that look like eyes of owls,
bits of shells not whole but lovely in their brokenness.
We are the ones who bring home empty eggs of birds and place them on a small glass shelf to keep for what? How long?
It matters not. What matters is the gathering, the pockets filled with remnants of a day evaporated, the traces of certain memory, a lingering smell, a smile that came with the shell.

Corey - Your readers appreciate your honesty and life reflections. Each one of us can appreciate how your thoughts and comments reflect and affect our own lives.

Thank you

PS - Hope that you continue to feel better

For so many years I have been reading your blog and every time I return to it I find thoughts and comments that fill my heart with happiness. Thank you Corey for being such an inspiration..

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