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23 January 2023


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So happy to hear you are feeling better...........Thanks for the update and I am glad they diagnosed you fully

Sue Young

Corey, I’m so thrilled that you finally have a real diagnosis and effective treatment! What a relief it must be! Here’s a virtual toast to you!!🍾🥂


The best news of the month! So very very happy for you.

Diane Belforte Lewis

I'm so happy to hear it Corey! xxx


That's great news, Corey! Thanks for the update. Prayer works! I hope the treatment can keep things in control so you can go on enjoying your life. Is Innovair something you inhale?


Glad to hear!



Well that's good news!


So glad for you, Corey. I hope the treatment continues to work well for you. Thanks for your blog. I cannot believe how you have kept it up when you have felt far from well for so many months.


Thank you for sharing this good news with us. Blessings to you and yours, this Lunar New Year!

Barbara  St. Aubrey

Wonderful to hear you are getting good help... Your feeling better is even more wonderful...


I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better and have a diagnosis that is treatable!!!

Jennifer Phillipps

Magnifique! Such good news, puzzling not to have any allergic reactions, but so good to know they are getting you back to young self again! Well done and hugs from NZ! Jennie

Cynthia Thompson

Thanks so much for the update. So very happy you are on the mend and in good hands. Blessings and continued prayers


Thank you for the wonderful news! Prayers continue for your complete healing.

Kristin F

Fantastic, wonderful news. So pleased to hear that you have some answers. Prayers continue 🙏🙏🙏🙏


That’s wonderful news Corey. So happy to read this!!


So happy you are feeling better.
Prayers for continued healing.


I AM SO VERY HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!! What a trooper (as my father used to say) you are-STEADY THE WAY FORWARD-continued prayers and good thoughts!


I am so glad you are feeling better!
Continued good health for you!

Sue J.

Wonderful news!


Dear Corey,

It is a relief to get a diagnosis and treatment! And it is wonderful to hear a good report and that you are feeling better!
i am glad the asthma is not brought on by substances in the air, that would seem to be hard to control.
Now to keep you well and from a respiratory infection!

Prayers for your continued strength to live that life you love!
Sincerely and with love,


Thank goodness! I have been worried about you. You are not a complainer and it was hard to know how sick you really were. Hope you will finally have real relief.


So glad you are on the road to recovery! Asthma can be very scary and I’m happy that you feel better.

Bev S.

So glad to hear this!


So happy to hear you are feeling better and are perhaps on the right medication!


Corey, I am so happy you are feeling better! I continue to send love, thoughts and energy across the waters for ongoing strength and healing. Keeping you in my prayers, my friend.💕

Teddee Grace

So happy for you! Breathe deeply and enjoy!


Oh so happy to hear this good news. April was a long time ago. Yes breathe deeply.


Take care of those lungs. Good to hear you're feeling better.


Glad to hear you are feeling better. The med should be a big help!

Colleen Young

Wonderful news Corey. I've been thinking of you and so happy you're feeling better and fibding a remedy.. Stay strong, breathe easy,and keep smiling!Hugs


Thank goodness, Corey ... so glad to hear this! A great way to begin the new year ... sending much love and a huge bunch off hugs!

Susan in Zurich

Hooray and hallelujah!


I am just re-reading this, and can't remember whether I ever wrote a comment. In case I didn't -- I too test negative to just about all allergic substances on the "patch tests," but it's quite obvious to doctors and certainly to me that I truly am reacting to something(s) in the environment. The fallback diagnosis is "sensitivities." Since nothing shows in the blood tests, it has been up to me to discover just what is causing my nose to run, eyes to tear and swell, shortness of breath, etc. Most recent discovery of a new culprit: some sort of pollen (?) from fading flowers. Yes, I can enjoy flowers on the table, but the minute they begin to droop, I need to throw them out before my nose starts to drip (and drip, and drip). Though I never used to react to my own cats, I began to have seemingly allergic reactions just to sitting in a cat's favorite chair at someone else's house. Now I find I can pet a cat if I'm careful to wash my hands (and my clothes, if the cat was in my lap) immediately afterward. You may realize that you have certain "sensitivities" as well, and can cut down on reactions by avoiding them if possible. Good luck sleuthing! I'm so very happy to read that you've been feeling better!

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