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25 January 2023


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At least you could understand her French! I would be saying”plus lentement s’il vous plaît”!!

Kathie B

"I was sure she would ask where I wanted to be buried."

The Solomonic solution would be to have half your ashes buried or scattered in France, and the other half in Willows.


How wonderful to read these glimpses into your life once again. A sign, for me, that you really are feeling better. Julie


I am glad to see you are out walking once again, breathing well.

You are a person of two worlds really France and Willows.
I love your postings
Much love Jeanne


The journalist without a career. That made me laugh. Love your stories.


I loved my grandmother with her thick German accent. Sure we laughed at the way she said 'milk'. It came out 'mlurk', but we loved her.


I miss hearing my Grandma’s voice with her Norwegian accent.


My grandmother had a South Philly accent. She made an amazing lemon meringue pie.

"those early years shape us beyond the later years of life" - I absolutely think that's true. Early days form the essence of who we are. The rest is a patina.


Diogenes-SOUTH PHILLY? in my neck of the woods-a part of the city i love-rich in character and everything else that is good- a philly girl do share more. i have the northeast philly accent-sometimes sounding like north jersey or new york not strong but ever so present.


Your neighbor's question was rather undiplomatic. That said, it's a question I've begun to think about. My extended family is in Massachusetts, my husband and I live in California. My son moves from state to state for his work. What would I do if I were on my own some day? Maybe I'd live the dream and move to the south of France!


Hi g, isn't it a wonderful city? Glad you love it. My gran had a little rowhouse in southeast Philly - that area's being gentrified now, I think.

Fat Rabbit

Greetings g. and Diogenes -

When my son was studying at UPenn in Philly, we bought a TINY brick rowhouse for him. Spent may hours cleaning and refurbishing the house and I loved that house and city. Sold the house when he graduated and moved to New England but there are many wonderful memories of the city.

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