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20 January 2023


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Thank you for the love, grace and mercy extended to us each day, for the miracles seen and unseen.

Thank you for your attitude of gratitude each and every day
You are a beautiful blessing
Love Jeanne

Merci à tous; the marvelous Mom who raised you dear Corey. Grâce à toi; your daily words of life's musings as well as lessons learned. All are greatly appreciated.

And, we must thank technology, as challenging as it can be for me at times; awaiting a smoke signal or carrier pigeon with the same salve of your healing and heartfelt posts would be a bit of a challenge.

Continue to explore, learn and share, it is a gift for which we all give thanks.

Bon week-end,

Do you think of yourself as an artist? A photographer? A poet, a philosopher? A connector? A foodie? A teacher, a guide, an ethics advisor?

Because you are all these things and more—a friend, wife, mother. Thank God and the internet for Corey Amaro. My life is much better with you in it. And I have made so many beautiful discoveries because of you. Thank you, Corey.

Thank you for friends who shine their light as only they can and willingly share their gifts of love and insight right from the heart. Thank you for this and bless YOU, dear Corey.

Thank you for you, for you share light and beauty each day to my world.

Thank you for everything. The good, the bad and the lessons they teach.

Thank you for being an arrow, pointing to what is true, lovely, needful, helpful.

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