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01 January 2023


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praying you stay well and healthy all through this New Year
God bless you all

I've found that walking on wet sand is like getting one's feet defoliated at a pedicure!

Of course, I wouldn't go farther in the water if it was too cold...

You look wonderful! Every best wish for a healthy and happy 2023 to 2 wild and crazy kids!

Health and Happiness in 2023.

Love it...

What a great and unique way to start the year!

Well, look at you being all adventurous and stuff. Next year......... cliff diving ?

Its a trendy wellness thing mow.
“ Cold exposure leads to a range of health benefits for the body’s immune, digestive, and circulatory systems. It taps into the body’s natural healing powers, activating the nervous system and hormones which can significantly change our physiology.”
You are brave!

Sending best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.
What a thrill of a swim!

What a wonderful way to wash off the old year and begin anew! May you now be restored to complete good health! Happy New Year!

Good for you...what an invigorating little new year blessing....they do say that cold water bathing is exceptionally good for your heart, lungs and all the other bits and bobs...gives the body a little shock which makes everything come alive and feel revived, just as you said...very well done...Happy New Year to you and Yann.....rock on 2023! - Jennie, NZ

Brave you. Thinking positively is undoubtedly part of the process, not only for winter dipping, but healing.

Absolutely wonderful! You LoveBirds are amazing!!!

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