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31 January 2023


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Nancy Doherty

do you have the owners of that apartment phone/email number? I would contact the owners/parents!


No sleep makes me very cranky, I would have called the police. The neighbor’s son must be immature or on drugs to only make it louder. I hope you can have a conversation with the owners when they return.

Ed Schnurbusch

I would have found their electrical power switch and shut them down


I like Ed's solution. Find the electrical box and shut them off! They'd think they blew a fuse.
They must have been keeping the whole block awake. I'm surprised that no one called the police. Sounds like drugs are definitely involved. How else could they party so hardy for so long?


Hi Ed,
The electrical boxes to each apartment are inside the apartments. Otherwise, I would have done that.

Hi Lil, In our corner apartment building, there are only three apartments. Ours is in the middle. The owners downstairs were out of town. The bottom floor is a business, as are the other sides. A perfect place for a party. If we weren't there that is.

Hi Nancy and Nancy, We do have the phone numbers of the other owners. We contacted his mother. A conversation will take place when she returns.


We have very strict condo rules about noise and many other things. Contact the owner and the parents so this never pesents itself again
Some people just do not realize how loud music is fine for certain venues but not late at night keeping others up
I am sorry this happened to you


Oh Corey. I can so relate to this situation. My husband and I deal with it on a weekly basis. It’s beyond frustrating. We’ve put hurricane windows in, and have all the noisemakers possible. Different cultures play into it, but basically yes.. people are rude and becoming more rude by the decade. Hopefully your situation is temporary. Ours sorry to say is not, only thing is to move away from our home. Hope you can catch up on your rest, I know how exhausting it is my friend.


We had an upstairs neighbor like this when we lived in Harlem, NYC. A young man lived with his very deaf grandma and we knew his mom, who lived across the street. A party would occur every weekend. Finally, when we saw his mom we told her and asked for her phone number. Every time he had a party, we called her. That was the end of that. We ended up having a great relationship with both of them. I hope you tell on the kid and make sure his mom knows what was going on and just how rude he was.


I have a lot of thoughts on this as I have experienced it. But what first came to mind is an old Texas saying:

“Never wrestle in the mud with a pig. The pig likes it and you both end up getting dirty.”

Susan in Zurich

Along with your other readers, I truly sympathize.

Usually when this happens here in our apartment building -in our town near Zurich - it ends at about 1:00 a.m. and only occurs maybe 3 times per summer.

I agree with Diogenes, better not to wrestle with these types of extremely rude, selfish people.

I'm so sorry you had to experience this.


I’m so sorry you had to experience what must have felt like cruelty and hope you can resolve the problem with your neighbor——and catch up on sleep!!


Corey….I commend & respect the incredible patience that both you and Yann have! Hwever, rude is rude and these people (adult enough to have this apartment) are out of control. Obviously they don’t own the apartment or they would be more considerate. Whomever the owner is should be accountable. If you cannot contact him/her and resolve the problem, then I personally would call the police. Otherwise the two of you will end up in a not-so-pretty situation as these renters obviously do not care.


Definitely police. And a call to his mom. Looks like you've done that.

Jennifer Phillipps

Very tempting to think of sabotage techniques to stop the noise...we had a similar issue with a building next door and temp guests who had loud music and were talking over it, my husband yelled at them...I did not know what was happening as I was deeply asleep until I heard him yelling, strangely he has hearing issues which you think would cancel out the noise but it heightens a certain pitch...they told him to go and ......... so that was no good, eventually they stopped and we arranged new rules for our neighbouring buildings visitors with them, so this does not happen any more, but it all takes a lot of energy, we could well do with channelling into more important things....hope you sort things with the Mother...cheers and sleep well x Jennie... NZ

Teddee Grace

I hope you reported their behavior to the son's mother. When I was married and we had taken my husband's two teenagers into our home, the Chicago suburb in which we lived passed an ordinance stipulating that the parents of any children reported for partying in a house would be fined $500. I think it got the attention of a lot of parents.

Cousin Chris

After the 3rd warning, Chris would enter with a 10lb sledgehammer and eliminate the music devise(s).

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