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22 January 2023


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Judy Busch

Hello Christine. Where is your Chico store located? I'd love to stop in.


So interesting to read your post. Are you a ceramicist or lab person? I may have to drive to Chico next time I need a good color match - it's hard to find a good lab.

Shelley Noble

How commendable to apply your high level of vital skills to those who need them most, Christine! And how marvelous you've found their natural application in your artistic expression.

Anyone who does those worthwhile things and falls in love with Corey and her Brocante ways is alright with me!


just beautiful! grace and quiet beauty-- just adore all the pieces!


I have heard of other dentist that have become beautiful jewelry artists.
What a beautiful talent and gift. Your pieces are just lovely.

Christine Dickinson


Christine Dickinson

Hello Judy!
I would love to meet you and have you come visit Studio4.I am open by appointment.
Please feel free to call me@(530)520-5800 and we can find a time that would be good for you!
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards~Christine

Christine Dickinson

Hi Diogenes
Thank you for you inquiry.What kind of color match are you looking for?I am not a creamiest,however I do my own lab work at my Studio.
Please feel free to call me,I’d love to see if I Can help.

Looking forward to talking with you.

Kind regards-Christine

Christine Dickinson

Thank you Marilyn for your kind words!Although I am not a dentist,I am an RDA and through my many years in dentistry I wore many hats and played many roles.The dentist I worked for for 35 plus years taught me many skills and I am very grateful for that.We do the hospital dentistry as a team still today.After so many years of working together it becomes a dance.I joke that I can read his mind!Lol!

Kind regards_Christine

Christine Dickinson

Hello Judy!
I would love to meet you and have you visit Studio4.I am open by appointment.Please feel free to call me and we can find a good time that will work for you.(530)520-5800

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards-Christine

Christine Dickinson

Thank you g,for visiting Studio4 website to take a peek.Thank you for your kind compliments!

Kind regards_Christine

Christine Dickinson

Hello Shelly!
Yes,It really is very rewarding to help with the program all the while I enjoy keeping my hands in dentistry.

Thank you for visiting Studio4 website,and for your kind words.

Kind regards-Christine

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