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06 January 2023


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I have the brocante bug - but sadly mine is in remission. I think I need another trip to France - it has been 10 long years!!

Same but different: Carrying fabric snippets in hopes of finding items that match what one already owns (applies to clothing as well).



If I was fortunate enough to live in France I believe I would see you across a crowded table and be looking for the same things....I have a home full of treasures, there are many that are old, probably not as old as the pieces you have to admire, but I do love a good rummage! I came home home from France with fabric remnants, a lovely coat from a second hand shop in the Marais and but for the problem with having a small suitcase could have happily found more to bring with me....I love the image above and the old and well used horses all waiting for someone to ride them again! Cheers Jennie, NZ

I've been known to climb in into a dumpster behind an upholstry shop which was closing down,fill the boot(trunk) with fabric samples,and wait until dark before taking the treasures in to the house and shoving them discretly under a bed lest I be reprimanded for bringing 'one more piece of junk'home.Brocante bug variation,I am sure.

Flea markets, Antique shows and shops, "welcome to my world" (grin)

And a bumper sticker on the back of my car which reads: I brake for junk!

Oh yes, had the bug for years. Includes dumpster diving and raiding the neighbors trash when on the street.

Yes indeed I have the bug. I tell my husband "I'm going for my walk" which includes yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores. My husband sees junk; I see creativity, possibilities, beauty in real wood furniture, and vintage glassware is like a diamond to me. Old textiles make me smile, so beautiful! Art, I could open up a gallery! Yep, I'm one of those with a measuring tape, water bottle, comfortable walking shoes, hair in ponytail, no makeup. My car trunk is always full of found treasures. I don't believe there is a cure.

I have tried to buy "decor" out of stores where it was just a prop or in the windows. Tried to negotiate a price. One time, a 19th century French chandelier that was hanging in a dry cleaner store. Why it was there, I'll never know.

I keep telling myself I need to downsize and not add more, but then I say I need a little more. Look at all those beautiful pictures in magazines, they have more and I need it too. I passed my favorite antique shop yesterday and didn't stop, I am still feeling bad about not stopping.

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