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26 January 2023


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Blessings your words always move me deeply
Sweet dreams my friend
Love Jeanne

Go ahead and drink a beer and eat a bag of chips! And enjoy them!
You give so much to all of us because we can feel the love with which you write.
Simple or profound, your words carry the love and the inspiration which you live,
to all of us. I personally haven’t commented for a long time, but still feel so close to you.
And when, by chance, I come across one of your writings, as it happened recently, in an
old issue of Victoria magazine, I am once again transported to your dining room, which although
I’ve never visited in person, I’ve dreamt of more than once.
You are a blessing!


It’s all about the love…and love only. Amen. Thank you, Corey!!


Oh, do! Do it for me. I'm tabulating calories again...what I call "counting grapes"...trying to recover from the holidays and NFL+, but somebody should be having a good time!

Corey, Corey….you always inspire me with your beautiful mind! I share your thoughts with friends (as well as suggest to my friends that they subscribe to your newsletter!) So very happy you are feeling better. Between Covid and the flu here in the states, it’s been both scary and sad. But 2023 is here and I feel positive that life will get better. We pray for the Ukrainians…such brave human beings. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!🎉🎶🥂🍾❤️. Bobbie in Southern California

Yes! Use the good silver and the best glasses, drink chips and a beer! The fella and I talked yesterday about how life is short and we don’t know when or how we will pass. Meanwhile, like you, we will appreciate and be grateful for what we have, the people we love and love us and take care of one another.. I’m so happy you are feeling better dear Corey.

as they say say down south," it's all that and a bag of chips!"

After 25 years of living down here, you post made me understand that phrase for the first time!

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