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10 January 2023


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oh corey i can totally relate! The rummaging in a pocketbook - hard candy wrapper rustling in a quiet place-- the noises of any cell phone-- audio on a device other than a television-- foul lyrics/rap heavy metal -- not pushing a chair in after you stand to leave the table- not holding the door-- not saying please and thank you-- excessive use of um, like, you know-lack of awareness of others - and a few more but that is some of the more obvious things-

A loud and unrepentant table of diners in a restaurant.

Gum chewing with rapid RPM of jaw. Paper towels or bath tissue not torn off at serrations. Eggplant. Loud music or talking. Poor manners, disrespect. I think g and I would be great friends👏

"Nauseous" when meaning nauseated
"The shooting [or stabbing] victim was injured" -- not "wounded"?
"Sick" as a compliment
"That's a great question"
"Take a deep dive" or "granular" -- why not just "go into detail"?
"I mean..." or "So..." as an opener to a comment -- where there's no antecedent.
"Having a moment" -- what ever became of the Warholian 15 minutes?
"Waiting on" when meaning "waiting for"

"to lay" for "to lie" (as in recumbent)
"eponymous" for "namesake"
"myriad of" instead of "myriad" (because it's an adjective)
further (more) / farther (distance)
fewer (discrete quantity) / less (continuous measure)
between (only two) / among (three or more)

P.S. My objection is particularly for such misuses on radio and TV news broadcasting (i.e., by professionals who ought to know better).

My pet peeve is when people talk with their mouth full of food!

Two Pet Peeves - one, a quick dial turner when a character, usually a guest on a TV series and sometimes even a politician tries to imitate a Southern Accent - nails on a chalk board for sure...

Second, complainers! I have a couple within my family. They do nothing to change or fix the situation or even encourage those whom they are regaling with their complaints to join them changing or fixing whatever is so egregious - and to top if off they are usually complaining about someone else!

I blink and become so confused trying to sort out how in the world they think they can control another person - it boggles the mind... Then weeks later there is another story about the same issue or person with no change. To be so helpless or judgemental - goodness - all I can do is say a prayer for them and me, hum a tune in my head and go forward. Yes, I am tempted to stop created moments of pleasure in their presence because after time, I cannot imagine they do not realize their mindset and do something about it but then, that is me thinking I can change another - A vicious circle.

Newscasters that wear sleeveless dresses in the winter time with snow falling outside behind them. Or worse~~ the weather woman talking about the frigid temperatures in her city with sleeveless dresses.

Children on airplanes that are out of control while the parents put on headsets and ignore them.
People on airplanes that watch movies, shows, any program with no headphones. Also people Skyping or talking on speaker in a public place. Trust me ..NO ONE wants to hear your conversations!!!!!

Young people without manners

And last~~ men that talk down to you because you are a woman. Especially workers in your home (example : I had to get a hot water heater installed and the main guy was puffed up like a peacock and soooo full of himself. He proceeded to talk down to me whenever I asked a question about the job.

Drivers veering their cars into my lane because they are on their cell phones or distracted. The use of our Lord's name as a curse word--it hurts my soul. Littering.

Okay, but crunchy pasta just doesn't do it for me. I'd rather gum it than crunch it.

When people call San Francisco “Frisco.”

People who talk on their phones on the train. (I know you are important, but I still don't care.) I don't know why this is different than people having a conversation on a train, which doesn't bother me (unless they talk so loud the whole train car has to listen to their conversation).

People who ate curry or garlic all weekend and then get onto the elevator on Monday morning and breathe.

Loud chewing, open mouth chewing. Ugh.
Talking loudly on a cell phone in public.

Ha! One Christmas dinner, when the men had left the table, all the women started talking about how much we hate to hear our husbands chewing. There were 5 of us, all saying the same thing! We looked it up and found your word, Misophonia. It's a very common pet peeve among us.

My pet peeves people always on their cell phones even if they are with other people. Thank God no one does that to me.
Intolerance and hatred and gossipers also top the list and unkind people

To Chardonnaylynn: Legendary Chronicle columnist Herb Caen waged a long campaign against this, even publishing a book titled "Don't Call It Frisco":

I'm not fond of "San Fran," either.

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