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03 February 2023


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Susan in Zurich



So beautiful, those words will warm your heart forever. ❤️


Ohhh, you got me all choked up!! Absolutely precious!!


You are most lucky and truly blessed
Thoese precious little children bring us such joy
Much love to you all


there is nothing like it-WEALTH for sure true wealth-which is LOVE!!



Bev S.

That just melts my heart.


This so lovely, Corey. I’m going to become a grandmother (to a little boy) quite soon and this touches my heart. I am wondering what your grandmother name is? I haven’t been able to settle on mine yet. xo


Yes...Savor that moment. He is precious!

Jennifer Phillipps

Well that is about the nicest story ever...love the thought of his self created outfit and that he has such a special time with you....a bit of a tearjerker for this reader too! Jennie, NZ

Sue J.

This is so touching, Corey. Sweet, sweet boy.



Bonnie Schulte

Oh Corey...this was just so beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. I love that you share your precious moments with us. Gabriel and you are adorable together.


I call the days like that spent with my grandchildren
heaven on earth. ❤️

Ginny Clarke

What a treasured moment. ❤️


I was reading your post out loud to Randy along with the pictures. You touched our hearts. Such precious, sweet moments with your Gabriel. Thanks for sharing with us. 💕

Chico Sue

What a gift this child is! Praise God.


It is such a wonderful feeling! What a blessing our grandchildren are!


So precious!

Teddee Grace

It is so wonderful you can be together as much as you are able. I am just discovering, since my younger brother's death, how much of his life, once I graduated university and left to live in Chicago at 22, I missed. We finally started catching up when I was in my 50s, my life went sidewise and he stepped up and became the big brother I had always wanted, doing so many lovely and unselfish things for me and reminding me, to my chagrin, of things he had done for me when we were still young that I didn't even remember...learning to play Happy Birthday for me on water glasses filled with different amount of water. Which birthday? Had I already moved to Chicago and come home for a visit? How could I not remember this?! So, soak it all up, as I know you do.

Marilyn Marcus

Yes! It WILL last you for eternity.

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