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28 February 2023


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By the end I also had "goosebumps".
I am impressed with this little boy that gets it when listening to a piece such as this.

This was terrific. I can see how it must have been incredible for Gabriel. It was for me and I've seen lots of orchestra performances. I also loved your explanation of "goosebumps." It was very moving!!!

It was my soul listening to this beautiful music. Thank you for sharing it.

It is like listening to the ocean waves rolling in and out. It is soothing, restful and satisfying yet you can hear fantasy and playfulness weaving through it. Just close your eyes and drift along. What an excellent piece of music for Gabriel to hear. It is beautiful!

This piece was absolutely breathtaking. That a child so young would be taken to listening to this over and over again is completely magical. That is what gave me goosebumps. I wonder where his future may lie? I need to find this piece and download.
I’m so grateful to you for sharing it. Thank you so much 😊❣️

This is so gorgeous, Corey. Thank you so much for posting this. So significant here in California where our desire for the rain to fall has been our prayer for years and finally we rejoice.

This is magically moving..it stirs my heart, moistens my eyes..my toes tap and arms wave and sway.
How enchanting to introduce your sweet Gabriel to this experience.

Absolutey beautiful. Thanks for sharing
I send much love to you

Thank you Corey for the gift of this extraordinary peice that moved me to tears almost immediately.

Utterly stunning and beautiful! And what a wonderful message for all of us —- and Gabriel — to hear —“Rejoice! It is Well!!” Thank you for this gift, Corey!

Wow so meaningful ❤️

Shedding tears here. Thank you, Corey, for sharing this moving video.
And how special that you shared it with Gabriel. “It is well”❤️

It moved me so. What a gift thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing this. It is unforgettable.

Absolutely beautiful. Even more so that you are sharing it with Gabriel and that sweet little being is so moved.
It all makes me teary.
Thanks for sharing, Corey.💕

It made a dreary morning bright and full of joy. Thank you!

Absolutely beyond magical, I am quite simply speechless, my spirit is savoring this moment in time, what a way to begin this day, thank you so much for presenting and sharing your story of your interactions with your sweetest grandson, and the some history of his life. I intend to pas this on to my peeps, thank you thank you thank you

Oh my. That is stunning. And, how very grand for a child to embrace this music. I am in tears, moved by this presentation and your love for our world and its good.

Tears and goosebumps! Just incredible, thank you for sharing !

Oh my goodness, what a way to start the day. Amazing. Moving. Uplifting. Music speaks so deeply to the soul.

Thanks Cory. I owe you one for this. Maybe more than one. Cannot wait to share with those I love. Goosies all day long.

Fabulous, and thank you for sharing with Gabriel. Education is great even delivered through technology!

Just beautiful. I understand why Gabriel wants to watch it multiple times. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I love all music and symphony and "ethnic" music moves me to tears, always!! Thank you so much for sharing, especially Gabriels joy and amazement in hearing it. It always amazes me when children react naturally to joy and beauty. This type of music I always play when I'm housecleaning, it inspires me and gives me strength and entertainment.
Thank you, thank you

Of this or of Gabriel? I think it might be time to retire Tractor Ted! Is Gabriel being exposed to music in school or elsewhere? Sounds as if he might be very advanced in this area of discerning. Or...a past life?

Very beautiful...nice to know Gabriel has a taste for such things...he will go far in the world! Jennie, NZ

Corey, thank you for showing us this wonderful composer, Christopher Tin. I've googled, of course, to learn more about him and to listen to his wonderful music. I read your blog daily, but rarely comment. Hope this posts. Annette in Omaha

A mystical journey for the spirit.

Very impressive, thanks for sharing. Reminded me of German composer Carl Orff.

Gabriel would also like this one, and there are kids in it! Never fails to give me goosbumps!

Thank you Gary

WOW! Thank you for sharing.

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