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10 February 2023


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Fabulous are all of your postings
I love to read every detail.
Love Jeanne
Red she said


Je la veux la Deudeuche ... oh mee gawd ... my favorite car ... what an omen of delight ... grosses bises Corey ... Ina + Milo


Great photo! And I like the image of the polka-dotted dress with the proper accoutrements too!


That car has charisma!


Yann, are you reading this? I think a nice little red car just like this one, would make the perfect valentines gift for Corey. She can’t have chocolate or red wine..so this would work out very nice. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (You’re welcome)


what ever you would wear it will be match to this cute car.

Susan in Zurich

Love this!


I love the style of old French automobiles. We were lucky to have a Frenchman design the 1953 Studebaker cars, Raymond Loewy. https://www.vintag.es/2021/12/1953-studebaker-starliner.html

Nina Sgriccia

I fell in love with the Deaux Chevaux on our first trip to Europe. In the 90’s we learned of a fellow here in the States who refurbished them for resale. My husband surprised me with a white model with red trim and my first name as part of the trim. We had a ball with it. When we entertained in summers, my husband would pile kids in the back and take them for a bouncy ride on the hills on our small country place. We eventually sold it to a French chef in the area. He and his young son were thrilled to get it.
Nina in Michigan


OMG, I thought your last line was going to be “I would have jumped into the car and zoomed off!” A fun image, if only your clothes were right!!


Like a nuanced shade of lipstick, the car dazzled the scene awaiting to be captured by admirers.

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