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20 February 2023


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Wow! What an adventure. I was picturing you in the backseat between two.
How exciting for your friend.

Susan in Zurich

Yes - the smallest zippy car in those little places, twisty streets, the better!

Sounds like an adventure! At first I assumed you were going to be in Rome the entire visit, which always seems exhausting to me. Much more pleasant I think to be in a quieter spot. Just my humble opinion.

Here's hoping you had pizza in Naples!

What a blessing for these friends to have your valuable insights. For real!


Fabulous indeed.
Much love and I love to hear all about your adventures and new places to visit
Love Jeanne


What a grand experience and memories made —- with more to come! Looking forward to the unfolding of this story!!


I’ve been reading the book Still Life by Sarah Winman for two days and feel as if I’ve been in Italy too!! Enjoy!


What a fun adventure and project! Can’t wait to see and read more in the future. I just love that painting you featured! For sale?
Nina in Michigan


I love that you took us along an another adventure, friend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sending love...

Teddee Grace

What fun! Can't wait to see the reveal when the owners are ready.

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