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13 February 2023


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Aqua and blue. To a fault.

Blueish shades, from green to magenta, complement my complexion best. Also butter yellow, but it's the exception to the rule that the rest of those shades don't flatter me.

I wear all colours and cannot wait for all the beauiful pastels of spring
I also wear black
Colours are vibrant and like a brand new box of crayons you pick one to colour your world.
Love Jeanne

i prefer navy, cream, white, black red only as accents-i am very basic-i don't like patterns for me -not comfortable in them-basic very basic....

Definitely black, grey and white; but then I love adding a splash of red.
You look lovely in the splash of orange.

Ooooo, Corey in vivid color! Looks amazing on you, love. So cheerful.

I wear drab beiges best lately.

I like black and navy. When I want to be daring I do navy and black. But I do have a dark gray scarf.

I just bought a soft, dusty pink jacket and get compliments all the time. I can’t tell you how many people say they need to branch out because their closets are filled with black clothes. My response is, “Mine too!” Except for this splash of pink. 🌸

Cory you look smashing in the orange

I like Browns and Tans with a deep dark red or sage green or Terracotta and when it is cold a dark, forest green, preferably plaid, wool shirt - When I wear black I like to add yellow with white. When I'm wearing jeans, which is most days I have a wide collection of just about every color Tshirt but none with quotes or words... solid color 100% cotton - NOT pima cotton that holds every stain.

I’ve tried breaking out of my all black wardrobe. White works for me in summer. Lately I’ve been trying camel and cream or camel and black. I’ll add splashes of color with a scarf. And my new obsession is brightly colored travel scarves…you know, the tacky ones offered as souvenirs. I love the “ tongue in cheek” wit of them . 😉The older, the better.

Well, it seems black is the colour du jour around here...that is my stock and trade colour too, however, I do love interesting textiles in the form of coats, kimonos, scarves and lots of tweed in winter, but black is definitely my go to, or sometimes grey. Accessories change a black outfit quite dramatically I find....I love your tweed cap by the way and the orange with it looks very good. Well done you! Jennie, NZ

Coucou Corey! Magnifique tu ose les couleurs et ça te va à merveille 👍. Je suis dans les verts l’orange jaune rose … 😃colorful greetings , tina🧡

Chambray blue

Shades of rose - light and dark but never red. Black or navy on the bottom with rose or light blues on top.
My t-shirt drawer is a raInbow of rose!

I noticed that you are wearing colors - looking good!

I have zero black clothes as it makes me look washed out. I love navy, a periwinkle blue, also orange. I wear lots of white too

Burgundy, wine, rose, pink. Once my son told me how shades of burgundy were "my" color, I usually head for those in the stores.

I wear Black in the Winter, the Fall, and in the Spring and Summer. I have two dozen Black Turtle Necks, that get replaced when they get worn and old. I do have other things and colors in the closet, if I get bored with black, but so far in 10 years, that has not happened.

Looks great Corey!

Yes! Love your orange scarf.
I wear red and orange and deep green and brown. (I am a vivid "autumn" - ahem)

My closet is mostly black and dark pants, dark tops to go with them, some white for summer. But I've always thought I looked good in red. So when I happen to find a red top (never pants) I'll buy it. I should wear more color. It brightens me up!

Black 🙄. although navy looks much better on me. Pale pastels. Rarely will you ever find a print on me. No loud colored prints, I guess I tire easily of prints. I like camel too. Pretty boring? I used to wear skirts in my youth every day. I don’t anymore and sometimes wonder why not?

There are two sayings about the color black that always make me laugh.

"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color"


"Old is the new black"

I do wear a LOT of black (I'm a NYer!) but I do throw in some color too. Red, blues and greens make their way in, especially in the summer.

Corey….you must have color in your life! I grew up on the East Coast of the US, so black, brown, gray & navy were it! Then we moved to the West Coast (California) in mid 80s. I found bright colors were a necessity in clothing as well as flowers & decorating. Not obnoxious, over the top colors, but a splash of color does amazing things. For me personally, I lean to various shades of yellow, pale blues, your orange scarf is perfect! Also burgundy and pale lavender. I still wear lots of black, but throw a scarf, sweater or shawl on in a color…fun! Plus it makes me feel happy in life!🌻🌹🌻🍇🎶

I love black! It is so versatile and can be perked up with scarves, jewelry and jackets of every color. And I feel good in it.

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