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31 March 2023


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tears streaming down my face as I read this. Praying for us all and our very very troubled world.
Praying this madness of school shootings ends soon.
Love Jeanne


Dear Bev S. What a heavy, heavy heart you and your family too must possess. I can hardly breathe myself hearing all this horrific news. I too have DIL that substitute teaches elementary children. It could happen to any of us. I’m so sorry for your community and unbearable sadness. Everything and everyone seems so broken anymore. I’m glad your DIL is safe albeit traumatized. 💔

Bev S.

Thanks all of you. She is doing remarkably well and wants everyone to know what wonderful children each one of the victims was and how each loved God.


What part of "Thou shalt not kill" do some people not understand.Those who do not support tightening of gun laws are enablers.
Since Australia's gun laws were tightenind severely restricting gun ownership, following a tragic mass shooting at Port Arthurin Tasmania,gun crimes,accidents,and suicides have been dramatically reduced.


Susan in Zurich

Bev, thank you for sharing your daughter-in-law's experience. Glad she's ok.

Hoping against hope for changes to be made. For eyes to be opened among the lawmakers who seem to just throw up their hands. Frustrating to know that it's an uphill struggle, even though we're talking about teachers and children's safety and well-being. Their lives.



Prayers for all teachers and students and our world.


This is so horrific. Reality in America today. Sending love to all.

Judy Wilcox

These shootings have to stop. We all feel helpless but we can put pressure on our elected officials to make changes. There is strength in numbers, so we should all be writing our representatives so that they can hear our voices. Our hearts are breaking.

Marilyn Marcus

I'm so sorry your family is so close to this tragedy. Moms Demand Action, Giffords, Brady and Sandy Hook are all good organizations working for gun control. Calling and emailing your reps and senators at least makes them know how you feel about this and what you want them to do about it. And the more calls and emails they get, the more uncomfortable we make them.

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