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16 March 2023


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another wonderful group of women...i cannot believe how many readers are on the left coast- every single person who shared.... so beautiful...i especially like when there is a salutation to their fellow readers- such a great diverse gathering of readers-thank you again!!

Agree 'g' "another wonderful group of women" and a few men as well - there is something special I notice in each post that would be lovely to recognize however, once started the recognition post would go on and on and on - please don't be offended by my not mentioning your post but a couple of things I cannot not let go by... Yesterday Sue shared a family photos with her granddaughter wearing the loveliest blue prom dress that caught my eye and today, Villa Kerr's photo in the pool with a bottle of wine brought fun to my day - Loved how Linda, whose kids are in Pa and Mi included that your blog Cory kept us sane during the Pandemic - Oh and talk about being blown away, Patsy from Pacific Grove did it with her converted garage studio, Wow... Yes, I could go on and on - these pages I'm saving for a bit on my computer so I can go back from time to time and get a spark knowing we are all hitting buttons and bringing Cory into our lives each day... love it... and I echo the chorus, thanks Cory for doing this...

You have many readers from the Seattle area it seems.
What fun to be part of the Northwest US region with so many readers.

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