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18 March 2023


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I would love to still be around to see my grand children become adults - but I am 75+ so I don't think so. There is so much to learn and do in this world I hate the thought of not existing, just wish I had more energy. Those two little people are adorable and so very French.


What a legacy in many years, you leave for your loved ones with your wonderful daily blog postings
Much love

Ginny Clarke

I want to say hello to all your followers who live in the Seattle area…I’d love to them all rendezvous here in my gallery some Saturday to meet each other. Maybe in the summer when we can also have room to gather outside our gallery in the plaza area.
Just an idea to consider.
❤️ Ginny

Jennifer Phillipps

Nice to be part of an enduring legacy...Cheers, Jennie-NZ


You’re leaving a richness money can’t buy — for generations of your family to come. What a gift!


Grand idea they will treasure Vavie’s posts. I need to look into making one of those picture books from the various places that do that. I hear they are nice.


Your little peeps will love reading their Vavie’s stories, her thoughts, feelings and how how much she loved them.💕


I have had this similar thought with my blog, but have also started printing each year into a book to place on my bookshelf for my family to one day discover.

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