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25 March 2023


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Oh Corey - beautifully said.

That last line to dance is so true without fear.
That is exactly how I see the dance of life.
It certainly needs to be without the regret or fear.
So well stated.

Beautiful, Corey… 💕

Beautiful words.
Thanks for all you share with us
Love Jeanne

I’m going to carry your beautiful reflection in my heart —- deep thoughts to savor. Thank you, Corey!

Lovely and beautiful - like a comfortable poem to life - Although another viewpoint to the very last line...

I've come to see that we are healthier if we "dance in its rhythm" embracing "regret or fear".

In Texas a greater portion of our trees are Live Oaks that are always green - The tired leaves from the last season dry up and fall in the Spring 'after' the new leaves are almost mature - Not buds but open and green full of hardly visible female bumps, the barely seen flowers that become future acorns - Without new mature green leaves there would be no acorns - The pollen holders are yellowish-beige, wormlike danglers that fall after pollination which is only a few weeks after last season's tired spent leaves had fallen.

The process is seamless without any winter-bare-tree-limbs typical of most deciduous trees. The Live Oak says to me that we are given regret and fear as part of our growth for future production, not to be dismissed, abandoned or thought of as unwanted.

We may like to see regret and fear like the tired spent winter leaves but rather, regret and fear may be the barely noticeable flowers that pollinated with a life happening affect the birth and growth of another phase in our lives - with a season of sun and rain the acorn feeds animal life, leached of its poison, the acorn will provide nourishment for human consumption - Could the leaching be our working through the grief process.

Regret is usually a loss of an expectation we held for ourselves and fear is often our lack of faith and hope in the unknown - We've lost our view of ourselves and grieving the painful losses allows us to go forward stronger and wiser accepting our humanity.


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