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01 April 2023


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Bev S.

I am sorry Corey.


Extraordinarily rude of that female. One can hope that when she is our age, someone will say same thing to her.
I’ve always admired your calm demeanor and kind manners Corey.


Wow, how incredibly rude and classless.

Kathie B

I hope she woke up the next day with a rip-roaring hangover, and mortified with embarrassment over what she said to you.

Anne Maitland

What a rude and obviously blind person. You look youthful and vibrant and you have fabulous style. You and Yann look like peas in a pod, especially with your gorgeous hair!

Susan in Zurich

She is wrong, and without manners, tact.

I'm sorry you were on the receiving end of such ridiculous behavior, and unkind words.

Catherine in Tucson, AZ

Some years ago, my husband (who is a year older) and I were entering a restaurant when a woman at the door said to him, “It’s so nice of you to take your mother to dinner.” He responded, “Not my mom, she’s my best girl,” put his arm around me and gave me a kiss. The woman’s presumption and her words still sting in my mind, though. I’m sorry this happened to you, Corey. People can be so thoughtless.

Jennifer Phillipps

Gosh Corey....that sort of remark is just bitchy, no other way to describe it. She will find out herself one day that being older is actually an achievement not something to scoff at or ridicule. I think we females all get a bit of a bad deal when it comes to ageism....it is the advertising and the magazines promoting nothing but "young", but it is slowly changing and in the meantime we should all just be ourselves and be happy with our wondrous-ness! Jennie, NZ


Some people have no manners and say very hurtful things. Just remember when we all look at you especially Yann he sees his beautiful wife that he is truly in love with and we all look at your face and see smiles and the beauty of your world.
I find aging very hard as well but it's all part of life look at that beautiful 106 year old model on the cover of vogue purely natural no botox no photoshop to me that is beautiful.
My Grandmother at the age of almost 101 had one of the most beautiful faces as did my beloved Mother.
Your husband sees your beauty and so do your children and grandchildren that is all that counts.
I love you
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The darkness in her soul couldn’t see the Light that is you, Corey —— her loss…….anna in granger, in


Shocked at this! How absolutely out if order and uncalled for!Of course it stings but don't waste another precious second on her!

Teddee Grace

I dated and married a handsome charmer and for almost 20 years, even though I was ten years younger, I often felt relegated as a "side dish" in social situations in which he was charming everyone...our companions, our waitresses, even my mother!, with his good looks and witty commentary. It isn't always about age. And I love the response from the woman whose husband put the flirt who got in their way in her place.


This woman hasn't seen you dance!


Yikes…..shocking…..obviously she doesn’t like herself. Chin up, smile on you beautiful self♥️


Pfft! I’m thinking she is wee jealous of you and wishes she had just a grain of your cool factor and inspiring awesomeness.


Bonjour à tous,

Thank you -- as always -- Corey for sharing your life with us, especially we women of a certain age. A few thoughts here:

Tout d'abord, if this was an early April's fool, fish pinned to the back of your skirt may have been better.

Puis, un mal élevé.

En fin, when we have attractive partners people flirt (was she French? We know la France est une culture qui draguer ) but never to the point of being rude to the other party.

Would she had been as dismissive if you were say using a wheelchair (I am an expert here on this subject!) Perhaps.

Back to un mal élevé.

Here's to setting a better example of kindness to all.

Bon dimanche,



Corey - you embody class, culture, wit, sensitiviy, sincerity, depth and beauty. That woman's day will come when she ages and her personal hell will be living with the horrible things she's said/done. Thank the good Lord you are not like her.😘


This type of woman gives us all a bad name—classless, clueless and cruel. Women like her are a dime dozen and Yann knows it. Still it stings. I will be 75 this year and from the day we wed I have been accused of being a cradle robber. My husband Rich, who is two years older, has always had rosy red cherub cheeks that take years off his face and mine shows every line. You, Corey, are beautiful, kind and classy through and through. Toss this woman’s comments in the dustbin where they belong.


I belong to a group on Facebook that’s called “Going Grey Gracefully,” and these women deal with what you got a dose of constantly. It is first class adult bullying- they have absolutely no self confidence, no self esteem and think they are the winner because they just made you feel like crap. I would never admit my age and if I did to some cocky bitch, I’d always add 10 years. Right now I look pretty good for being nearly 90. Yours is the only blog I’ve ever followed because you and your family are the real deal, so special.


Hi Corey,
I think you and Yann are the cutest couple I know. Sadly, some women have to make themselves feel good by trying to demean other women. Many years ago, I thought being around men was the coolest thing. It took me years to realize that women were the true cool. Now, I gravitate to women at parties and learn the most wonderful things. While men discuss their sports, etc. Too bad this woman didn't take a moment to learn what an amazing woman you are. She flirted with the wrong person!
Hope we have all help you erase the bad taste in your mouth. Go forth as you, there is no better.


Corey, you and Yann are a beautiful and loving couple both inside and out. Walk onward from that unenlightened soul. You’ve shown all of us on your blog what a special couple and family you are. Rejoice in that!

Elizabeth Schaeffer

I sure hope Yann stood up for you!!!


Oh Corey, I have no words.
How horrible and vicious....Karma will sort her out....
Ali x


Corey. Your wisdom, understanding and compassion is what shines forth in his.

Chico Sue

Consider what kind of woman it is who would say such idiotic things to you about your age! Yann is indeed a gorgeous man and he chose YOU to love because he sees that you also are a gorgeous woman, both inside and out. I am furious with that woman because she seems to have planted a tiny seed of doubt about your physical worth. Obviously, she doesn't know you well enough to understand that you will rise above such hurtful silliness! And you have!


I constantly refer to people when I am telling a story about them to somebody else, as and "old lady" or "old man". Then I have to stop and clarify, "Probably younger than me." It shocks me back to reality.


Good grief! How sad that woman is.
You Corey, SHINE! And, you bring light and good to our world. Thank you for all you do.

Bonnie Schulte

I think perhaps the sweet little (sarcasm) girl is GREEN eyed. (And part Witch)
Nobody will ever be you, but you, and she doesn't like it...


I think you are adorable! That nutty lady was after your husband! She had intentions to hurt you and she got to you! Just for the record you do not look old to me. Even if you did it doesn’t matter. You are magical.


Ouch! How hurtful… but she’s an idiot and not worthy of you. That’s all.


A prayer that the thoughts of what happened are not playing over and over and that you will be guarded and that their hateful actions will not overcome but rather that you will be an overcomer.

Marilyn Marcus

F- Her! She'll never get a good man by being a you-know-what. You do NOT look older than Yann, Nonsense. She thought she could intimidate an older woman. She has no idea how strong we are and how hard we fight.
Stay fierce.


How very rude. I am 39 going on 78. I have many, many wrinkles due I suppose to laughter and maybe hard work as a baby! I have lots of aging freckles due to my adoration for the sun - playing tennis, gardening, lazing on a beautiful beach. My hair isn’t grey (at least I have hair was my retort to he who shall be obeyed), it is arctic blond. And now I am enjoying it all. Take that you nasty woman. Not you, Corey. You are a wonderful, dear and kind woman. Don’t ever change and I’m sure your Yann would not have you change either.


Well, I've been reading your blog since around 2004 and it seems to me you get younger-looking every year! Also I'm glad you decided to wear color. I have a strong love of color now, myself, though I wore a lot of black in bygone days. As for that incredibly rude and callous woman, and her toxic behavior and words - she is stuck in the dim and murky past when women were supposed to compete with each other rather than support each other. I feel sorry for her since when the time comes that she needs the support of a sister, there won't be one around to take her hand.
Such is life, we reap what we sow. You've sowed a garden of lovely relationships, including the one with your husband. And you're that beautiful rose in the middle twining your arms around them all.


You are f*%&ing hot and tres chic Corey! Your inner light shines through as does your outer style and confidence. Always admired that about you.


When a person says something so insensitive I assume they are a hurting, angry and jealous over everyone’s life! And they want to make everyone else as miserable as they are! You are beautiful!! So don’t make me sing this song again! 😂😂😂

So…..🎶 "Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door" 🎶

Ann of Avondale

It's their ego that can't take it that Yann chose you over someone like them (shallow, a-moral, Bimbo). Once at a social event, I experienced a News Anchor woman put her hands all over my husband while I'm standing right beside him. It really was pathetic! All I could think of was, "Eat your heart out Bimbo, he comes home with me." Corey don't give it another thought; it isn't personal, it's them who are lonely and lack morals and intelligence.


This is sad and I am glad you responded as you did.
I started turning grey much earlier than my husband and that did cause some personal problems along the way that were also hurtful.
I hope this woman one day notices that each person ages differently and we all need to learn to be gentle with each other.


Words matter. I am thankful for all the uplifting and positive words you have shared with all of us for so many years. Some of those words helped me cope during very challenging times.
She was a complete idiot and I hope you never see her again!


Many years ago when my husband and I were shopping at a farmer's market, a small boy of 4 or 5 looked at my husband and me, then came and stood in front of my husband and asked, "Why is your mother black?" It was so outrageous and so innocent that we could only laugh. I am deep brunette, my husband blond, hence the "black." I'm actually 3 years younger than my husband and don't generally appear older, so I could only assume that for this little boy, all women were mothers and all male humans were boys (confirmed by a colleague who told me of a neighbor child who used to ring their front doorbell and ask her if "her son [i.e., her husband] could come out and play. Still, innocent and way outside of reality that it was, it stung a little. We are strange creatures. But you are very attractive and full of zest for life, which is the very essence of youth. The woman was incredibly rude. Mal élevée indeed.


Geez - the gall of that woman!

Lisa C

I assumed you were my age (50s) and Yann the same. You are beautiful and vibrant! And while Yann is handsome, I think his love for you and his family is a most attractive quality. I’ll never understand the type of person pursuing another’s spouse. If they “win”, they most certainly have not obtained a prize.

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