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11 April 2023


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Healing wishes for you all...............

Ooh les pauvres, prenez soin de vous!

Oh dear, sending you strength 🙏

Bon courage!

Gosh, not the best end to a lovely family weekend. Thankfully these things do move quickly, if you will excuse the pun and you get back to normal fairly smartly. I was once a matron at a girls boarding school, I was quite young at the time (my 20s), but managing 150 girls of all ages on my own. We had an outbreak of such a bug the day and night I was on duty, by the time I had finished for the day there was 100 of the girls with vomiting and other unpleasantness...I was running around like a crazy person making sure they were all near their beds and or in the sick bay if very unwell....I thought after a few days I had missed out on catching it, but alas it got me too, when everyone else had recovered....our experience made it to the front page of the local newspaper...such fun! Hope you feel strong and chirpy soon...Jennie, NZ


I'm glad that it is only 24 hours!

Oh my! Those bugs really wipe you out, take ie easy for a few days.

UGH! Hoping your bugs are soon a thing of the past!

So sorry you and your family were hit with the 24-hour flu. Not fun at all, but at least, once you are certain what you have, you know it is short-lived. School-age children are little incubators. After my father died at 60, my mother started a day care center to make ends meet. She seemed to be sick all the time during those years, primarily with colds...but she did live to be 100!

Hope by now you are all well again.

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