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15 April 2023


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Kudos to Luis for filming during a protest, so many visuals

So sad to see what’s happening in Paris!
Kudos to a brief moment of croissant yumminess!
Vive la France!

Oh Corey, thank you for posting this. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I got a few chuckles from the irony. He was so pleasant and naive to what was going on around him. Anyone else might have postponed to another day. The fire! The broken glass! The loud bangs! “And this one is so buttery and flaky with a touch of vanilla”. I loved it :)). Now I’m off to my local bakery for a pretty good American croissant for my Sunday morning breakfast, very quiet here in Grapevine Texas.

The boy was on a mission, damn the protests. Also, he is 100% correct. A train station and a McDonald's indicate that you are not in the best of areas. That is true in any city.

Croissants and protests. I enjoyed the video and the young man trying to do his comparisons in difficult circumstances.
But the thing I enjoyed the most was his mention of the STOHRER Patisserie. STOHRER is my mother’s maiden name and
we came upon it on our visit to Paris a few years ago. It lead to ancestry searches and low and behold my grandfather was distantly related to the founder who was the chef to King Charles of Poland. We didn’t try the croissants there but the chocolates were delicious!

Thanks for posting this, Corey. I wasn't sure whether to take note of the boulangeries and this young man's croissant ratings, or to laugh at his unflappability in the midst of protest and loud bangs in the streets. It was an adorable respite from the serious news of the day.

Was this a serious quest to rate croissants in Paris? Or is he making a statement about the inanity of such a search amidst the social and political upheaval? "Let them eat cake!".

Just catching up on my blog reading this morning and came across this slice of life. Charming and fun amidst such chaos. The appearance of a "Where's Waldo" character made me really smile.

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