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04 April 2023


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I love lemon desserts, especially lemon tea cookies. Must try your recipe, but alas no e Sacha here. Will have to use zester tool. Those lemon sunshine cookies have a great name and look so yummy! Thank you.


I, too, love lemon tarts.......those look delicious!! Save some for me.


Now I need lemon tarts! Love lemon anything!

Diane Belforte Lewis

I'm dying.....!

Taste of France

I see the utility of using épicierie puff pastry for little tarts. But when I do a tarte au citron, I like pâte brisée, which is more like having a shortcake cookie under your lemon custard. Just a personal preference. And if it's August or early September, I top it off with wild blackberries that I pick from the side of the road. The lemon really complements the super-sweet berries.
And I'm with you on not following recipes. I'll look at several, then do an on-the-fly mashup, based on ingredients at hand, difficulty, messiness, and other such considerations.
Sasha is adorable!

Our French Oasis

Tarte au Citron, is literally one of my "go to" fail safe recipes. It's so easy, I have a recipe of my godmother's that I have used for years and it always works and always tastes divine. I like to grate a little lime peel over the top for a little twist on the colour, the green adds a little zing. Often I will make the Tarte with both lemons and limes.

Judi Ryba

Makes only 12!! That doesn't leave any for the rest of the family. Oh well I guess I will double the recipe.. LOL Actually I have a great lemon bar recipe that I made for a party and everyone went crazy for them. Of course they wanted the recipe and my lemon bars no longer became mine. Your recipe with the zest on them and made in a cupcake pan adds a new twist and NOONE in my circle of family and friends are getting this recipe!!!

Judi Ryba

I wonder how it would taste combining both lemon and lime juice? OR LIME tarts!


wow...with grandchildren coming after school waiting for Lacrosse practice this would make a lovely treat...so out with the supplies today and make my first. Thanks for the recipe and photos....looks like something special to offer to kids and other guests.


Thanks..will get the resident baker husband to try your recipe....he bakes...I do not.
Love...love lemon anything.



I envy your cooking style, Corey. I am not a brave enough cook, even after 34 years of marriage, to wing it. I also just don't know enough about cooking to be adventurous. So strange, because I am ALL about adventure in so many other areas of my life. These look divine. When the dust settles in the next few months, maybe I'll have a go at the them.

Franca Bollo

Did Sacha say "Look mom the USA with a extra large Florida" knowing that Florida is referred to as the USA's penis? Now my mind is spinning with metaphors.

Barbara  St. Aubrey

A sugary lemon desert - ahhh - instead of tarts a lemon square would be heaven and decadent in the morning with a cup of coffee while sitting on the front porch.

Julia Thelen

Hello Corey. After returning from our Christmas trip to California ( San Francisco ), I couldn’t stop craving sourdough bread.
I finally took the plunge, and have spent the last week making sourdough starter and proofing the dough. Today is bake day😋


I love all you share with us.
Kiss the cook often and season everything with love.
Blessings my beautiful friend
Love Jeanne

It's my birthday April 8th can you make me a Hungarian torte?


Nothing better than a good tarte au citron. Yours looks soooo good!


I had a craving for lemon bread and am making one right now! I am a chocoholic - but if it's between lemon and chocolate - lemon wins. I also like a scoop of chocolate ice cream with a scoop of lemon sherbet on top - licking delicious!


Oh those are lovely! Something just right about lemony treats in the springtime. We went to lunch yesterday and on our way out stopped at the bakery case, the woman there said that the lemon cake there was delicious and you know what? It was!

Kathie B

I use frozen puff pastry dough for my Pastéis de Nata as well. Some Portuguese include lemon zest in the filling.

Debby Holt

Corey, your recipe sounds delicious. I love lemon desserts. I use Paula Deen's recipe for Lemon Meringue Pie. It's the perfect blend of not-too-tart and not-too-sweet. And I use the ancient double boiler that my husband's grandmother passed down to make the lemon filling (and other creams and custards for pies and puddings). It's a dream to keep the cream from scorching. I'm a creative cook - I modify recipes to my own liking - but I rarely create a recipe from scratch.


I always crave lemony sweetness.
Right now I have lemon bars in my refrigerator for Easter.
Your tarts look delicious.

Tina Sumser

Merciiiii Corey!!! Je vais me lancer avec ta recette;-) j’adore la tarte au citron 🍋
Je t’embrasse 😘 Tina

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