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06 April 2023


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Old World is a new world and a bold world, it’s a new life for Simone




Oh Simone, you are beautiful!


Simone must have been living a sheltered life in the past. Chill, Simone, if you’re going to hang with this group!


If he grabs your dresses, slap his hand...


Bonjour chère Corey,

Merci pour le petit rire! Perhaps in the future my Simone can stroll along with y'all too. She's 1.4 kilo's of fashionable (yet fierce) niçoise Chihuahua whom you may see on IG as #SimoneGiletJaunedesBaronsdeMauleDyer.

Bonne fin de semaine et joyeuses fêtes de Pâques,


Jennifer Phillipps

Simone seems worldly wise enough to know that Yann is simply carrying your jacket on his body as a courtesy....she probably swooned rather than fainted in his illustrious presence! Love the painting and the team! Jennie, NZ


I love all you share
Blessings for a beautiful Easter weekend
Love Jeanne


A friend for Monsieur Henri. Oui.

Arnelle Louise

Tracy H….Yes Monsieur Henri seems quite pleased with Simone joining the family!

Sandra Schneider

😂😂😂poor Simone..


The Adventures of Simone would make an adorable children's story for those grandbabies :) You even have the illustrations and story line started!

Gina Lanman

Haha love this and you! xo

Stephanie M

Simone is a real trooper!🇫🇷


You have a loving husband.
Lucky you!
BTW, I love the picture of you at the bottom of the comment page.

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