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19 May 2023


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Susan in Zurich

Gotta love 2 bistro chairs like these.

I love walking around Paris when I am blessed to be able to take the TGV train over .. but usually I am busy taking a photo of the amazing things to see around me.

Or taking a photo of my cafe au lait!


i often think of my very first trip to France--1st stop paris- then lyon next Aix-then monacco -back to paris and home- i was in love with my tour guide(my then 18 year old boyfriend) and the country- i never even bought a camera with me- i didn't want photos--- i wanted to be there in it-my whole life i have been like that-i did buy some postcards-- my boyfriend took some photos and sent them - this whole influencer thing- staging thing is like staging life-is it real - we wore berets in high school for a head covering in Mass- my love of them started then and there and with a few angora ones my grandmother crocheted for my mom -they were adorned with pins -i still have them - I WORE THEM- because i liked them-not to France but on a Friday night out with friends- i do not get this whole navel focused era we live in - i guess to quote the Rolling Stones-"... you're out of touch my baby...baby baby baby you're out of time..." i sing that to myself ALL THE TIME-and i truly do not mind one bit.


I tried watching that Emily in Paris. I got about five minutes in and turned it off.


Ah social media at its best. I’ve been reading where the influencers are writing off on their taxes, all the elaborate expenses they occur to post their sometimes over the top pictures. Maybe the entire trip to France to hold a baguette? Who knows anymore. It’s a crazy world for sure.

Susan from Salt Spring

The only influencers I follow are the real ones. The ones who experience life to the fullest, like our Corey. The rest are....just the rest. And bless their little pointy inexperienced heads


I have no photos of myself or parents from our long ago family trip to France. We wee too busy with sightseeing, learning history and eating. We were too eager to eat those lovely French restaurant meals to take time to photograph them. I can almost hear my Dad laughing at the idea of taking photos of food.
There was one of those American women who moved to Paris shows on cable last year. It was like Real Infuencers of Paris and made me nauseous after 15 minutes.

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