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02 May 2023


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You will be smashing - you are fab with or without - looking forward to seeing what your week brings!!

Just be your lovable self.... You will be fab.... I know it!

So very very happy the new medication is helping!,

Corey, you are the BEST! just be your smart, beautiful , loving self. And by the way you look fabulous without makeup and your so called messy

You are so adored, my friend! Being who you are is always the ticket. Oh, so lovely.💕

You are so beautiful; your eyes say it all.

I am so thankful you are feeling well again!! No doubt that the new group will love you!! xo

You are so lovely. I am glad you are feeling go and here we go again.
Your life is full of fun and frolic and adventures
Enjoy my dear friend
Much love

The Love light is shining in your eyes —- you’re absolutely beautiful! So happy you’re enjoying good health once again!!

Your group will love you! So glad the meds are working and that you are enjoying good health once again.

So thankful that you are feeling better!


No need for stage fright. All you have to be is "you" and you'll be a star. I speak from experience.

WOW, "friend"! You look terrific with no make up, wearing white, and natural hair! Just, WOW! Your inner glow comes thru! Glad you are feeling better.

I am so glad you finally feel like yourself again!! I love this photo of you. Approachable, warm, friendly and up to something FUN.

A selfie and without makeup! You are amazing. I am so glad you have found a medication that is working for you and just wish I was going to be among your next group of visitors!

I missed this post yesterday, I join everyone who has commented,by saying how glad I am that you're feeling so well!
Hooray and hallelujah!

Have fun with your new friends, who have come to see France through your eyes❤️

Corey, what a beautiful photo. You look terrific and it's wonderful news to hear that you are feeling well! Yay!!!

So happy you are feeling better.

I'm so glad the medicine is doing its job and you're feeling great. You look beautiful and have a
lovely glow. Thanks to God for answered prayers.

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