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15 June 2023


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Kathie B

FOUR years? Seems like only yesterday. Where has all that time gone?!?!?

Susan in Zurich

Happy Birthday to your darling grandson!


Happy 4th Birthday Gabriele
Much love and many blessings

Cynthia Thompson

A most Happy and Blessed Birthday Dear Gabriele. It has been a sweet 4yrs watching you grow and learn through your Grandmother's pictures and shared adventures.


I have read your blog for many years, this may be my first comment! My granddaughter (in Scotland) was due the same day as Gabriel, however, born two months prematurely. I smile over how similar my 4 year old is to Gabriel, she has a head full of strawberry blond curls and constantly wears her cycling helmet. As I am in the US, I do not see her as often as I wish, but agree, it is a whole new world when "looking through their eyes" Happy Birthday to Gabriel!

Fat Rabbit

Happy Birthday to Gabriel❤️
Grandkids are the BEST - and now you have 2! Enjoy them, love them, and spoil them.


He was just born before our last visit with you! I have enjoyed every story you have shared about this sweet boy. What a beautiful blessing.💕
Happy Birthday, Gabriel! 🎂

Teddee Grace

Happy birthday, beautiful birthday boy!

Leonie Buchanan

Dear Corey, I look forward every day to your blog & have done so for over 10yrs. I found you during a low point in my life & you have inspired me and made me smile with your words of wisdom and faith. My grandson is a Corey too, nearly 21 he was a beautiful little boy who gave me so much joy & has grown into a beautiful man. I know you will have all that happiness with Gabriel.🙏


And he turned 4 in the blink of an eye.
How quickly time flies with the little ones in your life.
Enjoy every moment.

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