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03 June 2023


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What a beautiful way of living
Thanks for all you share
Much love


This is wonderful.


Corey how i long for this! I want to live in a community as such-here even though the area is residential there seems to be no time- it is so frustrating-and disappointing and sad. i love reading encounters like this-SUCH JOY building relationships and friendships-joy shared sorrow divided -JUST WONDERFUL!!


That is truly beautiful!
If we could all have and embrace that community, how wonderful it would be!

christine allen

Grandchildren are such a blessing.


This is such a lovely story to share with us, Corey. What a beautiful friendship between Gabriel and the cashier. Thank you once again for making me smile and warming my heart.

Jennifer Phillipps

Well done Gabriel and the ladies who sell their hand reared delights...it is nice to share ideas, happiness and community...werll done! Cheers Jennie, NZ

Texas Francophile

We city Americans are the worst about rushing to do this or that. I love this story. I would have loved being in line at the market with you. Smelling all the fresh veggies and
Listening to you speak in French about your recipe.


I love what you have written. My husband & myself are retired. I absolutely love when we go food shopping, stopping to look at all the wonderful fruits and vegetables. I do not rush, why should I! I enjoy taking in everything around me, that is what Life is for. What a sweet grandchild your Gabriel is and kudos to those lovely shopkeepers. ♥️


Lovely. xo



I love this story. Sometimes we forget how important these conversations are. It teaches children respect and sense of community. We are always in such a hurry! Thank you for sharing.

Ella Dyer

Bonjour à tous,

Thank you Corey for sharing such sweet stories. Recently it was highlighted that one of the reasons Sardinia is a "blue zone" (a population of centenaires; 100+ year-olds) is community.

We are grateful for our 3-D community in Nice, people we see regularly in our daily life as well as those for which we feel a connection via such resources as your beautiful blog.

Bonne journée à tous,


Paula Tyner Hayden

YES! Thank you. We must focus on the positives, the good, the nurturing.

Stephanie M

What a loving community and so sweet how Gabriel is embracing it as well! He will have those memories his entire life. Lucky little boy!


Just imagining these encounters touches my heart.
How beautiful! I would love this.

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