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27 June 2023


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Thank you for sharing all you do with us...............

Kathie B

I was lucky that my menopause wasn't as rough as most women's (including my mother's), although I did experience hot flashes.

My solution? Lots of sweater twin-sets, or lightweight tops under jackets, so I could remove the outer layer (and later replace it) as needed.


I had to have a total hysterectomy at age 28. I had my first child at age 16 and had a severe womb infection. My second son was born when I was twenty. I lost two after that. My periods used to last 45 days and I had severe colitis. I barely knew what was happening to me and my doctor explained NOTHING. I went back to work after three months of sheer pain, complications and no support. I worked as a secretary in a hospital. One of my coworkers said to me, “ How does it feel not to be a woman anymore?” She loudly said this to me in a room full of coworkers and patients. I was dumbstruck and shocked. I cried for weeks. I was married with two young sons. When I told my husband what she had said to me, his reply was, “ Well, you’re not actually a real woman anymore.” My mother-in-law told me that I should have had more kids and that the surgery was a mistake. My sister-in-law told me, “You are always sick, so what else is new?” She was gleeful because she couldn’t have children. Not one person had any sympathy for me or helped me through my recuperation. Menopause hit me hard and I had no knowledge of what to do about it. In 1980, no one discussed any “female troubles.” Your post brought up so many awful memories that I have buried for years. I want you to know that I appreciate your post and thank you.


Dear Nmp, I am sorry to read about your sadness and how you were mistreated. To be told untruths, to bear these insults alone, is/was cruel. 1980 may those memories leave you, may those words find no root in you, and in place of them, may you know that you are a real woman, always have been, and that you are beautiful.

Ella Dyer

Chère Corey,

Your blog is a breath of fresh air as it greets me each morning; thank you for sharing yourself and your life with so many of us.

Menopause is something of which I've continued to study and learn thanks to the brilliant Barbie (here in Nice). Menopause Taylor (she is a retired gynecologist and world expert on the subject) has written books, weekly newsletters and hosted hundreds of short videos on the subject.

We women will experience menopause for the rest of our lives; without our hormones our bones, brains and viens are in jeopardy. We must educate ourselves, which is what Barbie does best.

From following Barbie -- she is on many social media platforms -- I have learned that we are at risk for strokes and broken bones, not to mention expanding waistlines and personality changes. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to do what most modern medicine has not done; learn about the dire and deadly consequences of outliving our hormones.

I implore all readers to learn more about menopause; it's not just a passing hot flash (as I had). Barbie is the expert and true to herself; she dresses in her beloved Victorian fashion and focuses on helping women live healthier, happier lives.

Bonne journée,

Ella (Barbie's big and grateful fan)


Thank you,Corey.

Elizabeth Schaeffer

Easy peezy for me. I really had no bad symptons at all. God is good.

Marilyn Marcus

You were so young to go through so much. So glad you survived cancer! And all the side effects of the treatment.

jenifer Delson

My dear Corey,
Your post is so powerful. You were so young to experience this at the same time you had your babies. Thank you for opening the door to reveal health possibilities that can affect women, and the truth about our dealing with the loss of purpose of motherhood. I only relate to flushes that would arrive and build while I was in a Board of Trustees (all men) meeting, throwing off covers, putting them back on, lips suddenly losing their fleshy abundance, and lamenting the loss of my best friend estrogen. I am turning 80 still carrying my menopause belly, but through exercise and good nutrition am maintaining the body that menopause deserted and am grateful for the life I lead. Thank you for sharing Corey.

an west

Unfortunately menopause and strong willed teenagers arrive around the same time. I carried at all times, a bottle of ice cold water - first sign of a hot flush or brain fog I gulped down the cold water. Most times it helped.

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