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24 June 2023


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Deb Hillman

How I just smile at this story. Four year olds are just delightful. They are still, delighted aticulate and yet still so innocent. You are blessed to have the experience of Gabriel at 4 with the added magic of two languages in the mix.❤️ xo OMG... It's got to be such a joy.

Cynthia Thompson

What an incredible gift! I have a very close french friend that married a US Marine and we became military wife buddies. She always would comment when people asked her to help their children with their 7th graders french that we start WAY to late to introduce different languages.I can attest to that! Blessings

Susan in Zurich

I have to laugh, because I am living among Swiss Germans
and I can barely remember standard German words,
much less pronounce them correctly!

And forget about grammar!

What a sweet little fellow,
God bless every bit of his heart ❤️


How wonderful and no matter how they say it when they speak to you it's the language of pure love
Enjoy every precious moment
Love Jeanne

Sue J.

Adorable! Brava, Gabriel.

Texas Francophile

I love this. I can’t imagine how cool it sounds when your entire family gathers. Then throw in a little Italian when Sacha and girlfriend are present.

Teddee Grace

I am tone deaf when it comes to languages. I took three semesters of French at university, could read it fairly well at the time, but had absolutely no idea what the instructor was saying unless she wrote it on the blackboard. It would have been so wonderful to have grown up in a bilingual family. Go Gabriel!

Fat Rabbit

Like Teddee, I studied French for 4 years in high school. After 50 plus years I can still read French but have never been able to speak it!
So bravo for Gabriel - your readers are very proud of his speaking English to you.

Sweet grand babies

Stephanie M

He makes me smile😍!! Merci Gabriel!🇫🇷


Another sweet and precious heart memory with Gabriel is made. I do love the stories you share, Corey.




Oh, this is so very precious. What a joy yo have them in your life.

Jennifer Phillipps

What a gem he is! I love the idea of a "sicky", we seem to have a few of those ourselves as we get older.....well done Gabriel and Vavie for sharing and recording these little gems. Jennie, NZ


So proud of that little boy for making the effort to speak to you in his second language.
Beautiful spoken!

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