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12 June 2023


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Yes! Sometimes it feels silly and the older I get, the easier I tear up.

Susan in Zurich

Yes ❤️

Cynthia Thompson

Oh My Goodness YES! Some days it seems as if everything just touches my heart. Blessings

Jennifer Phillipps

Yes indeedy...I certainly do have it. I just have to watch a tv programme where the person is sharing a family story and I well up with tears...if I saw someone upset on the street I probably would too.... I think perhaps I have noticed it even more since I moved through menopause, it seems to have changed my dial somewhat so I am even more empathetic and sensitive...although perhaps the one exception these days might be strongmen who are controlling our lives and rotten politicians...I cry because they are not taken in hand....Cheers Jennie, NZ. PS: Crying is actually a good thing it helps us to release tensions we are holding in I believe.


Yes I am certainly a woman of deep emotions and tear up easily.
Thanks for all you share

Jennie Q

Yes 💕🥰

Jennie Q

Yes 💕🥰

Texas Francophile

I do not have the crying gene. However that has nothing to do with empathy or compassion. I hug, I’m hands on, i usually just don’t cry.🤷‍♀️

Dottie Eberhart

I have been reading your blog and loving your sensitive loving heart for years. Yes I have that "highly sensitive" gene as well. The world is in desperate need of loving caring energy right now. So grateful for you and the beauty and love you share with so many! Thank you for sharing your light!


I sure do. 💕


I sure do. 💕


I sure do. 💕


Oh, my gosh! I guess I really do! Sorry for the multiple posts!

Bev S.

It really depends. I will weep reading books, watching movies, listening to books, being with my family etc.

But when it comes to my work as a police chaplain with all of the sadness that goes along with it, I just will not let myself go there--I can't because the situation is not about me. I am there to comfort and help the people in crisis, the officers and detectives on scene. I will hug, hold hands, wipe away tears but I will not allow myself to cry. It's not the time. Instead I get in my car to go home and often cry the whole way back.

Teddee Grace

Nope. Just the opposite. I think I don't like the feeling of crying and that supersedes the feeling that might bring on the crying! Does that make sense? It might be a control thing or a loss of control thing or discomfort with allowing anyone else, especially strangers, have access to me and my emotions. I think my sister felt the same way, so maybe it's hereditary. My mother's oldest sister confided in me that she didn't cry when her adult daughter was murdered nor when her husband of decades died. She seemed to almost feel guilty about it. I just accept it as being part of what make me me.


Yep....that's me too. I cry at sad AND happy instances ... I'm a mess after watching American Idol or America's got Talent. ( especially when they honor God with their talent.) ( that's an udder breakdown, I'm so touched.)
The one that stumps me is that I always cry at Parades. When the band starts playing, I get out my tissues :) We're soul sisters!!

Debby Holt

I don't have it like you do. I mostly don't cry at the drop of a hat, but when I do it's usually the ugly cry. I teared up recently watching a video of a very passionate woman "testifying" about LGBTQ discrimination. Her passion and personal experience moved me. I can tear up at a Steve Hartman (CBS) story. I did not cry at the moment of my mother's death. I'm the eldest child and I think I'm a bit stoic and take on the role of caregiver. When my husband died, I cried, often and in private, but it took a few months for the real ugly cries to come out. I've always had difficulty expressing my real feelings to those close to me. But I've become so much more compassionate and empathetic to others in my later years. This is a curious topic; thank you, Corey, for letting us talk about it.

Debby Holt

One more thing . . . I just read Deanna's comment about crying at parades. I DO that TOO! The music, horns playing that marching music, the young marching band members . . . it just stirs my soul - Immediately upon hearing it. I love it. I may cry right now. <3 :)

Kathie B

I was like that for many years.

But around age 50 Farmboy Husband and I were dealing (together, as a team) with some major life crises -- and I realized one day that I hadn't cried for at least a year, despite all the stresses, even though I felt I really needed to.

So, out of desperation, one day I decided to fix a big pot of French onion soup, chopping a big bagful of NOT-mild onions in hopes of triggering tears. It took a while, but I eventually succeeded in getting the waterworks going, producing a much-needed catharsis -- as well as some good soup for dinner.

Kathy Woods

Absolutely and more so as I have got older.


YES TO ALL THE ABOVE!! i am so grateful for it too!


I start to well up, but I can usually stifle it,
unless you put on a sad movie. Then all is lost!


Oh, Yes — It doesn’t take much to put a lump in my throat and then the tears come — joys and sorrows. Got the gene from my dear Dad….and have passed it on to my sons and grandsons.

Diane B

Oh my yes! I cry over all sorts of things, sad, happy, sweet, beautiful. I also cringe when someone on TV falls or trips or hurts themselves. Some people laugh, i feel it deeply!


I don't have it, but sometimes I wished I had more of it.
I think seeing my mother cry so often I shut it off.
It definitely would be healthier to cry.


Do I ever!
Even as a child I cried for other people’s feelings. When I see other people I don’t know saying goodbye at an airport I am in tears. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out I am an emotional empath, I can feel other people’s feelings very strongly.

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