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31 July 2023


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How I love to read your words
I especially love the references to Annie and your life in France

i felt as if i were walking with you! I love your description of this life ....

Beautiful memories and the stories you tell are beautiful too.
It is a lovely way to capture time in a capsule. Thank you!!!

Oh how I love so much reading about your memories of these days, I really felt like I was walking with you and i felt a sadness at such a lost world. Corey you must write a book about your move to France and all these wonderful stories. A best seller it would definitely be. ❤️

Beautiful memories beautifully told….💕…you have such an incredible way of describing everything that touches your life …and we are lucky to be able to read about them…Thank you Corey! 🎈💕

I went on your walk with you when I read this. Beautiful words, beautiful memories. I’m afraid I do not handle progress well sometimes. The place I grew up in was once a beautiful cove with pastures and fields of cotton. It is now a suburb, with house upon house. I have no pictures either, just my memories. Thank you for these beautiful words today, Corey.

Your memories, and your amazing ability to recall these details, are such a gift to us all!

Reminds me of the town I grew up in. A population of 2,700 back then. Now 50,000. All the corn fields, cabbage patches, and open land is gone now. The town that was mostly of German immigrants with many German names is much different now. It turns out that we were part of that loss of country charm. We moved into the first of many housing subdivisions after the war. It was 1949, but at least I got to experience that rural town for about ten years before the population exploded.

So much change, in my opinion, is not improvement. In Boulder, Colorado, we have some huge modern homes and commercial buildings being constructed on the rubble of the old that do not fit the environment at all. Now all we have are our memories.

What beautiful memories! It is this way in my home state of Wisconsin as well as my adopted state of Texas. Now and through history, developers have had little regard for what they're destroying.

Once again, you have touched a universal nerve. This seems to be the topic of those of us of a certain age. I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively thru the US. As I have returned to my fav places, I find they no longer exist. If you haven't visited a place in the last decade...you wouldn't recognize it now. So so sad. My gratitude is that I saw it then & that those who go now for the first time, have no reference to what has been lost. Ignorance is bliss, familiarity is a gift. Thank you, Corey!

What a magnificent gift you have given me, your reader. I could smell the fragrant countryside. I who have lived long enough to have "olden days" am grateful for your remembrance of your "before" village. My home town in Eastern Washington State no longer exists as in my memories, but it does provide new different memories for children who live there now. Thank you Corey for this lovely reminder of what was.

Oh, Corey! What a gift you have been given-to live in a time gone by, blessed by those you remember with great affection. As always, thank you, dear heart. for sharing.

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