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02 July 2023


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Kathie B

Way back when I discovered your blog, I logically assumed "Corey" must be short of "Coração" (heart, in Portuguese).

Because the soft "th" and short "a" do not exist in Portuguese, native speakers of the language tend to pronounce my name as "KAH-tee." Since they're being nice, I don't mind.

Kathie B

Originally I assumed Corey was a nickname for "Coração" (heart, in Portuguese).


I was in LOVE with France when I heard my name pronounced without a HARD “r”.
Hearing my name spoken softly actually sent goose bumps up my arm!

Ella Dyer

Bonjour à tous,

Ah names, such fun at time; I was named after both grandmothers but always wanted to be something more simple like Susan as people would ask is that short for this or that?

The Britts add an R to the end of my name for some reason so it sounds like an old black and white movie with a sad ending (Old Yeller).

Fortunately, in my adopted country a lovely singer a song, still popular today.
Merci à vous France Gall pour Ella elle l'a! Even the young French know this and often hm a few bars upon meeting me.

Bonne journée,
Ella (call me anything, just don't call me late for a meal)

Cy Todd

Mine: Cy... No one can figure out.
In France, I'm mostly "See?" - yes, said with the question intonation... because, well... no one gets it. But to be fair, Cy isn't the normal abbreviation for Cynthia in English either. True, but thanks to a friend who always called me Cy... I liked it and it stuck! If/when I move to Italy, I will go to Cinzia... which I LOVE!! Ciao!! Cyxx


I am sure it is lovely how ever they pronounce it.

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