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30 July 2023


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I love this My Grandson plays the violin
This passage is a precious one
I am glad you have it now
Love Jeanne

Kathie B

I hope someone plays this violin again, restoring its voice.


Please post a photo of it!


The Next time I am home I will xx

Diane Belforte Lewis

What a story! I'm so glad you got it back

Jennifer Phillipps

Well that is a story with a happy ending. Nice to know you can now admire it any time you like! Cheers, Jennie NZ


Beautiful story, dear Corey, as always. Bless you for sharing and making me smile. I am so happy you have your beloved violin. It is right where it belongs. 💕


This is such a beautiful story!!! Maybe sweet Olivia is the little girl who is destined to help the violin find its heartstrings. ps..I play the violin (or fiddle depending on my mood:)


That is a wondrous story!

Teddee Grace

I'm so glad you got it back! Some things hold so many memories and feelings, you really can't let them go...and if it's in good shape or can be restored, perhaps Gabriel can learn to play it!


What a lovely story! I sense the Lord's touch.

Debby Holt

Well, that's a beautiful story of grace and serendipity. I think we can miss so much in our relationships when we do not speak our thoughts, desires, questions, love . . I'm getting better about speaking up. I miss having my mother and grandmothers here to ask them questions about their lives as women before I knew them. In my older age I want to know more about them. My mother passed away 20 years ago at age 72 so there was a lot we never got to talk about. Corey, I love reading about you and your mother's relationship.


Wow! I does so much to share these stories and to tell others what you love too.
My grandfather had a set of Haviland china that I loved. In fact, the whole family loved it. No one in the family ever let my step mother know they loved it except for me. So when she was finished using it she gave it to me. Others in the family were so sad they didn't get it. I just reminded them they needed to let others know and speak up. Now it happily resides in my china cupboard and we use it for special family events. It came to the right place in the end.

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