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20 August 2023


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Kathie B

Fun. Definitely fun.

Cynthia Thompson

You all are living a life as we should....enjoying all TIME! Blessings


Time certainnly passes us by very quickly especially in the summer time

Ed Schnurbusch

I have always though of time as a commodity. When we are young, we believe there is an infinite amount of time so wasting it doesn't seem important. We rarely even think about time. When young, the only thing you want is to be older (foolish youth). As we age, we start to realize that there is really, just a finite amount of time each of us has. Being 66, I have become quite aware of how much time has passed and how much I might have left. When I was about 40, I noticed that I was getting to the point where there was more behind me than in front of me. What is left, has become much more precious. We want to stretch it out as long as possible. But now that we have become so aware of it, we really notice time passing us by. Corey, you and your family are getting the most out of your time so enjoy it to the fullest.

Marilyn King

That's it!! I don't have memory problems! I have brain compression with simplified memories!


So glad you had the time together.
Time passing can be perplexing, a joy, and something to savor.

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