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29 August 2023


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Cynthia Thompson

So Sweet! It is amazing how a great imagination can turn rocks (and in my day) grass and flowers into a culinary delight! Great find on the cupboard. Blessings


How sweet and precious are the moments of childhood
It's a short lived season it should be full of magic
Love Jeanne

Fat Rabbit

My father made me a cabinet just like that one. I loved playing house with it.

Many happy memories - but the cabinet has disappeared

Karen K

Thank you for sharing this beautiful ray of sunshine with us. She is adorable.

Sandy V

I LOVE Olivia's makeshift kitchen! Precious memories.


Play is a child's work.


More sweet “heart memories” to tuck away. 💕


Oh, so darling! Olivia, the tiny budding chef! I see so much of Sacha in her sweet little face.

Teddee Grace

Such fun! My sister and I "played house" inside an old willow tree that had either put up shoots or put down roots that had grown into a tree ring. This made it possible to shove boards between the trunks for shelves and we made mud pies from lovely Missouri clay in the creek that ran at our doorstep. We found that if we mixed egg into the mud, our mud pies were glossy, so occasionally would raid the chicken house. Weed seeds were used to decorate the tops of our pastry creations. It looks as if Olivia is going to be blonde.

Gina Lanman

I love seeing her play with the little hutch! Oh and that little gown is just perfectly lovely! Sending love - I am catching up on your blog! Love, Gina



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