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19 August 2023


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Those flavours are a mixed marriage made in heaven.Enjoy natures bounty.


Wonderful fresh grown foods.
I love how you make up recipes in your head


Figs & Bleu cheese would be dancing in my head. Enjoy & post your result.

Elizabeth Schaeffer

recipe please with measurements
Thank you

Teddee Grace

I wish figs were more readily available where I live. This tart sounds divine.


50 cents each here and they are quite small - our neighbor at our house by the ocean grew figs in his yard and shared his bounty -i was hooked SO GOOD.


You mean they don't just come in a foil bag all dried up and wrinkled? I love figs. I used to eat the fig filling out of fig Newtons when I was a kid. The Newton part was blah, so I through that part away.


The other day I was remembering a most delicious lunch I had on our first trip to Provence. You brought us somewhere for lunch. I ordered pasta with a fig and goat chees combination. My mouth still longs for it again.


Oh, yummmmmmm!
I have a plethora of plums right now and dreaming of a sweet plum cake or galette.
So far I have only dried them for winter.

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