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04 August 2023


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God bless the children of the world. xx


..and their stuffies. ✨😌


Children are the joy in our lives and our grandchildren
I love your sweet stories shared.
God bless you all

Ed Schnurbusch

There's nothing better than watching 2 toddlers carry on a conversation in a language that all adults have long forgotten.

Jennifer Phillipps

What a lovely story...great for you to be there to share these things as they grow and learn....his face seems to be changing and growing before our eyes...such an angelic wee chap! Cheers Jennie, NZ


How you write is as lovely as what you relate to us as far as your grandchildren, your life in france, etc. I'm blessed to have discovered your blog.


This made me tear up. Thank you for relating this liitle story. ❤️


What a beautiful moment and so beautifully shared. Thank you.

Sue J

Gorgeous retelling, Corey. You are a marvel. As is Gabriel.

Ella Dyer

Chère Corey,

After weeks of visitors here in Nice; I finally have a few days to catch up on some of my favorite things like reading your beautiful blog!

Please, please, please consider compiling multiple posts into various books; we write what we know and you know a beautiful life full of love, family, poetry and generosity. You, Yann and multiple generations of your families have given others a glimpse into a life many may never know.

We all thank you for these gifts and look forward to enjoying many more. Selfishly, I want you to publish a book, any book so you can join us at Meet the Authors in Nice next June! (Here is 2023: https://adrianleeds.com/event/meet-the-authors-in-nice-2023/)

Your fan in France (Nice!)


What a sweet child to share his happy tears with you in words he knew you would understand.

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