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13 August 2023


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I get very distressed hearing a baby cry. I have the same sentiments as you it's a cry for a need to be met.
What a sweet tender story.
Children are our miracles in life so our our grand children
Childhood is such a short period in life it should always be full of magical moments and lots and lots of love


Such a heart warming story. Glad the mum felt support from the other women.

Elizabeth Schaeffer

It only takes a "village", if that "village" is bonded in decent humane values
If not, it takes one courageous person to start to fix the problems.

Teddee Grace

I feel the same way. Although I was never able to have children, one "family story" I grew up with was when my mother bragged that she spanked me every day when I was two. Apparently, I was as stubborn as she was. Thankfully, although I have a very early memory, I have blocked those spankings, but I found a snapshot recently taken of me at that age, sitting on the front porch of our house in Wichita, Kansas, with my Teddy bear, wiping tears with the back of my hand. It left me with such a heavy feeling in my chest that I still feel when I think about it. Nothing a child that young does calls for the adult to either cause it or ignore it. And what parent wants to record for posterity her two-year-old's tears? I still have that Teddy bear and think he holds my tearful DNA.

Shelley Noble

A moving story, beautifully told. Brava!


Such a sweet story. And Teddee how sad for you but bravo for knowing it was not your fault.

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